Welcome from the Vice-President for Biodiversity and Climate Action

headshot of Prof. Jane Stout, Vice Provost for Biodiversity and Climate ActionTrinity is committed to addressing the challenge of achieving a sustainable and healthy planet, both for people, and for the natural systems we share our planet with, and rely upon. Global climates are changing more rapidly than expected, and biodiversity loss is happening more quickly than any time in human history. The impacts of these crises are already being seen with heatwaves, droughts, fires and floods further damaging ecosystems already stressed by habitat destruction and pollution, and in the direct and indirect deterioration of our health and well-being, and our socio-economic systems. There is no business as usual under these conditions – the world is on a path to massive social, environmental and economic upheaval. We urgently need to take meaningful action to address biodiversity loss, and climate change, and promote health and well-being.

The good news is that Trinity has huge potential to make a difference and act as an engine for the cultural, technological, and societal changes that are needed. It’s not enough to just look at carbon emissions. We need to embed sustainability in everything we do, and to do it in a healthy and equitable way. We can demonstrate leadership and innovation on our campus and in how we operate. We can empower our world-class researchers to make discoveries that have positive consequences for policy and practice across disciplines and sectors. By embedding these issues in the curriculum, we can prepare future generations who will need understanding of sustainability, whether they are future lawyers, politicians, health professionals or engineers. And we can transfer knowledge through partnership, collaboration and education for far-reaching, long-lasting change.

So for now, we are taking stock, building the team and partnerships, connecting and collaborating within and outside Trinity, and I look forward to progressing on this journey.

Jane Stout, Vice-President for Biodiversity and Climate Action