Green Flag Campus

Patrick prendergast at green flag eventTrinity Campus is a Green Flag certified campus since 2013, joining UCC, DIT, DCU and other third level campuses across Ireland. Trinity became the first university in a capital city in the world to receive a Green Flag!

This Green Flag is the result of many years of work by students and staff, improving environmental management at the University, and creating a more sustainable campus. The internationally recognised ‘Green Flag’ was awarded by An Taisce for a second time in 2016, following a written submission by the Green Campus Committee and a rigorous on-site assessment by an expert, third-party panel of independent auditors.

As part of our obligation and commitment to the Green-Campus Programme, we have established a number of objectives in the following areas:

Environment table graphic

You can help to contribute towards maintaining and improving our Green Flag status by:

The Green-Campus Programme encourages a partnership approach to environmental education, management and action in third level institutions. The programme primarily encourages the active engagement of the campus community, such that they can engage in a meaningful way to enhance sustainability on campus. 

The Green-Campus Programme is designed to recognise long-term commitment to continuous improvement from the campus community. Out of 27 institutions registered to the programme in Ireland, nine have been awarded the Green Flag. You can access the Green-Campus Programme guidebook here to find out more about this international scheme.