Green Campus Programme

Trinity is a Green Campus, part of an international programme which supports a partnership approach to environmental education, management and action in colleges and universities.

Trinity's Green Campus Programme members gather monthly to advance environmental and sustainability issues in Trinity by students and staff alike. Members actively engage in changing behaviours for better environmental stewardship and there are nine committees for you to get involved in:

Green Labs:
Green labs iconLaboratories use 10 times as much energy and up to 22 times as much water as the same sized office space! Green Labs are involved in reducing the carbon intensity of your lab space.

Tree and butterfly iconIf you’re ‘for the bees’ then this is a good fit for any wildlife-loving student or staff member.

Sustainability Social Media Managers:
Speech bubble iconLOVE social media? Passionate about raising awareness on sustainability topics? This could be the one for you!

Sustainability Education:
education research iconConsider yourself innovative, creative and visionary? This team to help drive sustainability into all curricula.

Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprinting:
Lightbulb iconJoin your energy with ours to drive down Trinity’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Green Canteen:
cup and apple iconOrganic, vegan, Fair Trade, paleo, vegetarian –
whatever your flavour is, foodies and efficiency gurus are very welcome here.

Grey recycling iconCircular Economy:
Passionate about waste minimisation and responsible consumption? Interested in influencing behaviour change on campus? We need you on this team.

blue water drop iconWater Conservation:
Essential for all life, it’s not as endlessly available as many people think! Help us reduce water use and its carbon footprint.

Green Events:
Leaf iconTrinity Green Week is the longest running college green week in Ireland, and promotes environmental habits and stewardship to all Trinity’s stakeholders. There is also Green Day and Earth day to plan for so if you're passionate about event coordination and the environment, bring your talents to bear in this subcommittee and help educate our community.

Some of the goals of the Programme are as follows:

  • Meet monthly during term times (weekly in the run-up to Green Week)
  • Share recommendations for enhancing environmental practices in College with staff and students
  • Act as a receptive venue for ideas, feedback and initiatives from all staff and students on environmental matters.

Some of the projects we’ve worked on:

For more information on the Green Campus Programme, email: