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Green Campus Residents Programme

In recent years, Trinity College has been reducing our overall environmental footprint on the planet and encouraging environmentally preferable behaviours among students and staff on campus. This award-winning Green Campus Residents programme further drives our campus environmental goals.

Trinity has already adopted multiple schemes and projects which have produced significant reductions in our overall carbon footprint and environmental footprint. (See our latest Sustainability Reports for more details). The purpose of Green Campus Champions is to reach out to fellow students in residence on campus, and engage them in friendly ways, to adopt environmentally preferable behaviours which will further reduce our impact on the environment.

Incoming residents are invited to enroll in the programme before October 1st. Our aim is for each house/ block/ area of accommodation to have at least one Green Campus Champion whose purpose will be to:

  1. Learn about climate action, biodiversity and sustainable behaviours.
  2. Act as a point of contact for sustainability and environmental topics.
  3. Share with, and educate neighbours/ housemates on sustainability behaviours, such as energy conservation, water conservation, good recycling habits, food composting and donation of goods to the Move Out salvage event at the end of the college year.
  4. Receive support from the Sustainability Advisor.

Each month (the programme will run for five months), Champions will attend a 90 minute workshop/ discussion, which will cover the sustainability topics listed below. Champions will gain a foundational understanding of each topic. They will also learn skills and habits that can be taken into their lives beyond campus to live more gently on the Earth.

Topics will include:

  1.  Climate Change – causes thereof and how to reduce your personal contribution to climate change.
  2.  Energy consumption – the environmental cost of electricity, the backstory on energy generation and how to avoid ‘vampire’ energy consumption.
  3.  Water consumption – the cost of clean water, where Dublin’s water supply comes from and how to be respectfully conservative with water.
  4.  Waste reduction and Zero Waste – how to minimise waste, recycle properly and the huge benefits of waste reduction and composting.
  5.  Consumption and Sustainable Food – how our consumption decisions can create positive impacts for the environment and what makes food ‘sustainable’ as well as nutritious!

In addition, champions will have the option to participate in a national Climate Ambassador training programme, (run by An Taisce) which will further enhance your skillset and support environmentally preferable behaviours.

To apply for this programme, simply fill in the application form here:

Application form for Green Campus Residents programme