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Resources / Get Involved

Trinity College, working toward a more sustainable campus and community: Click here for key achievements and milestones in 2018

There are a myriad of ways for you to get involved in sustainability activities, events and initiatives at Trinity – not just on campus but also at St. James’ Hospital Research Area, Trinity Hall, D’Olier Street and all of Trinity’s locations.

To get started, download one of our Sustainability Guides, and keep it on your desktop/laptop as a handy reference to know:

  • where and how to recycle almost everything
  • how to get around Dublin and Ireland using public transport or other forms of environmentally preferable travel (car-sharing, cycling, etc.)
  • ways to minimise your energy consumption in any building
  • handy ideas for conservation of resources (food, paper, and any item you or Trinity have to spend money on)

If something is wasted it is not only a waste of money, it is also a waste of environmental footprint. It takes a piece of nature to make everything that we see, use and purchase. All our raw materials for every ‘thing’ that is made on this planet comes from nature, so more ysou buy carefully and consume minimally, the more of nature there is for us to enjoy.

Student Sustainability Network
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Join the hundreds of members of the Student Sustainability Network, and become part of a movement that is pushing for a better, more environmentally intelligent campus and university.

Sign up to the Student Sustainability Network Facebook Group and see the Trinity Sustainability Network Facebook Page.

Staff Sustainability Network
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Staff can join the Staff Sustainability Network and contribute to strategic decisions on campus environmental and social initiatives as well as pursue their own sustainability initiatives. 

Avail of the Staff Sustainability Presentation, a stimulating and fun one hour presentation offered for free, to any group of staff who wants to gain a greater understanding of what environmental sustainability is and how Trinity is going about achieving it. Contact for further details and to book for your department/group, or watch out for announcements of a presentation in your faculty/department.

The Green Campus Committee meets monthly, and is a collaboration between students and staff. Read more about the GCC here.

If you have your own idea or passion to pursue you can ask for support from any of these groups above. Get in touch with your SU Environmental Officers to ask about resources, funding and other forms of support.

Opportunities to volunteer your time
Trinity is connected into a whole range of opportunities to volunteer with great non-profit and civic organisations. Check them out here.