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Campus Engagement in Sustainability

Connect to Environmental and Sustainability-Themed Courses

Trinity continues to foster the next generation of environmental and sustainability leaders by actively creating sustainability-related curricula, research and courses. At the level of orientation, sustainability guidance is now included as a topic in the new employee induction and the Transition to Trinity student orientation program.

College residents receive a paper copy of the Resident Sustainability Guide, to be kept as a reference document throughout the year. This guide provides direction and advice on how to minimise waste, reduce energy and water consumption and avail of sustainable transport options. 

Students and staff each receive an electronic copy of the Student or Staff Sustainability Guide (geared individually towards staff and student populations) each year, which provides links to a multitude of resources to enable our campus population to live, work and play in a more environmentally elegant manner.

Trinity also receives almost two million tourists annually on campus! This population has an impact on our water and energy use as well as our waste generation and recycling.

Research and Education

On the academic side of things, there are a number of educational courses and research centres with sustainability at their core including the Trinity Centre for Biodiversity Research and the Trinity Centre for the Environment. Trinity has also set ‘Smart, Sustainable Planet’ as one of its key research themes. We are continuing to develop learning modules for staff and students on sustainability-related topics. Contact Michele Hallahan if you are a staff member and would like to schedule a staff sustainability presentation in your office or department.

If you are interested in pursuing studies in environmental topics or subjects with a sustainability focus there are plenty of courses in Trinity to select from.