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Resource Use & Sustainable Food

Resource consumption has impacts on the natural world; our choices of what we buy and how much we consume directly impact nature and the natural environment that we cherish. Trinity has committed to reducing consumption of resources and migrating to more sustainable food choices. As part of the Green-Campus Programme, Trinity has committed to the following objectives:

What can I do? Data & Results Green Map

On this webpage you can find out how to reduce the use of disposable items (such as coffee cups, plastic bottles and other disposables) and how you can get plugged into healthier and more sustainable foods. Find out more by clicking on the 'What can I do' button.

The 'Green Map' will show you where to find sustainably-sourced food and drinks on and around the campus. Click on any icon on the Green Map to get more information.

The Catering Department at Trinity College actively seeks suppliers who are locally based. Our meats, poultry, dairy and fish are all Irish and our primary fruit and vegetable supplier is based in North Dublin. Since 2014 we have reduced the number of suppliers and in turn reduced the number of required deliveries to the campus, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of trucks coming on site. We continue, wherever possible, to get suppliers to take back all packaging. All teas and coffee served in our outlets are Rainforest Alliance certified and ethically sourced. We also segregate our food waste (as required by law) and this is composted where possible.


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