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Green Campus Committee (GCC)

The Trinity Green Campus Committee provides a forum for discussion of environmental and sustainability issues in Trinity by students, staff and faculty alike. The committee actively engages in changing behaviour for better environmental stewardship and also leads in planning and overseeing the various activities held during the annual Green Week. The Trinity Green Week is the longest running college green week in Ireland, and promotes environmental habits and stewardship to all Trinity’s stakeholders. The committee also leads Trinity’s Green Flag programme. The current committee includes the following positions:

Role Name
Chair Ronnie Russell
Secretary David Hackett
Treasurer Jay Farley
SU Environmental Officer Simon Benson
GSU Environmental Officer Maura Dougherty
Environmental Society Representative Tom Robinson

Everyone is welcome to attend monthly meetings which happen at 1pm on the first Thursday of every month.

Commitments of the Green Campus Committee:

  • maintain the College’s Green Flag Campus status
  • input ideas, proposals and information to College sustainability management structures
  • promote better waste reduction and waste management programmes
  • promote an understanding of sustainable development
  • reduce total energy consumption at Trinity sites and increase the percentage of energy from renewable sources on campus
  • reduce the consumption of finite resources (i.e. consumable materials)
  • promote awareness of climate change and drive the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from college activities
  • understand and remove any barriers to good environmental behaviours
  • monitor the current level of environmental education across sites
  • identify additional opportunities for engaging environmentally friendly habits (e.g. additional recycling streams, energy conservation, etc.)
  • keep abreast of developments in environmental legislation and evaluate College plans to meet future sustainability targets

Goals of the committee are as follows:

  • meet monthly during term times
  • share recommendations for enhancing environmental practices in College with staff and students
  • expand the level of commitment to the Trinity Green Week and the Green-Campus Programme
  • actively encourage discussion on and participation in sustainability activities in College
  • act as a receptive venue for suggestions, feedback and initiatives from all College stakeholders
  • communicate all of the above via the Green Pages, Green Week and all other means at its disposal

The Green Campus Committee has contributed to: