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Sustainability Fund 2018-2019

Call for projects

A sustainability fund has been established through the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability and Low Carbon Living to encourage and enable initiatives to improve Campus sustainability and more sustainable behaviours. Projects that are student led or involve student participation are encouraged.

The objectives are

1. to re-enforce communication and education on sustainability to all students

and /or

2. enable behaviours that will benefit the environment on campus and throughout life.

The call for applications is open with two deadlines for review in Semester 1 (December 20th) and Semester 2 (February 22nd). Please complete the form available here and submit by email only to


  • Projects must either be led by students, involve students, have an objective that will benefit sustainability education or student awareness of sustainability issues and enable more sustainable behaviours on and off campus.
  • Proposed projects should have a justified budget of up to €1,500; exceptional arguments can be made for budgets in excess of €1,500 but this will only be awarded in exceptional cases.
  • Projects must have a start date; an end date; a description of, and budget for, what the funds will be used for; and must indicate what deliverables (i.e. concrete results) the project will provide/ create.
  • A review panel to select projects to be funded will consist of a sub-group of students and staff from the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability and Low Carbon Living.
  • Projects can be submitted at any time with two deadlines advised for consideration during two sittings of the review panel (December 20th and February 22nd).  

The application form for proposed projects to be funded through the Sustainability Fund can be found here.