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Sustainability Research and Courses

Trinity has committed to integrating sustainability into all schools and educational programmes by 2020. You can access a list of courses and modules which have an environmental, social or sustainability element to them in this section.

Sustainability is a thread which is woven through every topic of study. Ultimately, all of human life is conducted on, and dependent on, this planet, so the management of human activities on this planet (sustainable or otherwise) impacts our daily lives. From green building techniques to sustainable agriculture, ethical trading and sustainable supply chain to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and from community building to power sharing in governments and civic organizations, sustainability is impacted by everything in our lives.

There is a wealth of courses, both formal and informal, at Trinity and online at (an online learning platform which Trinity partner with) to choose from. Whether you have an interest in expanding biodiversity, greening a business, sustainable fashion, green HR, human health and toxicity issues, environmental law or social justice, you will find a course at Trinity to expand your understanding of this growing area of study, and in the process you will learn a lot about this amazing and wonderful planet that we live on.