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Here come the frogs! - Provost’s Pond

Posted on: 10 November 2022

Wide shot taken in Provost's Garden. The newely dug pond fills up most of the left side of the photo. It is lined with logs and moss. Hose has filled the pond half way. In the background, to the right, Linda stands with staff from Estates and Facilities who created the pond. Collie Ennis speaks to the group.
Collie Ennis gives a explanatory talk about the pond as it is filling with water.

A new wildlife diversity pond has been created in the Provost’s Garden. It is visible to the public via the Nassau Street entrance to campus.

The pond was installed by Estates and Facilities, under the expert guidance of Collie Ennis. Surrounded by repurposed moss and logs from the beloved Trinity Oregon Maple, the pond will be self-regulating, with plants acting as a filtration system.

Once the water has time to settle over the winter months, it will be a welcome home to frogs and other wildlife. Watch this space.

Pictured below: Collie shows staff and students the moss that will control the oxygen levels in the pond, making it completely self-regulating.

Collie Ennis stands in front of Linda, Jane Stout, Jane Hackett, and members of the Estates and Facilities team. He shows the group a clump of moss that was used to line the pond. Trees and black fence in the background. Close up shot of Collie Ennis holding up clump of moss. Jane Stout and two students stand behind him, smiling.