Annual Officers

Vice-Provost and Chief Academic Officer & Deputy President*

Professor Jürgen Barkhoff was appointed Vice-Provost and Chief Academic Officer & Deputy President in 2019. He is the senior academic officer with responsibility for the academic affairs of the university, and deputizes for the Provost as required. He is an ex officio member of the Executive Officers Group, the university’s Senior Management Team, along with the Provost, Chief Operating Officer and the Faculty Deans.

Jürgen Barkhoff is Professor of German (1776) at the Department of Germanic Studies in the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies at Trinity College, University of Dublin. His main research areas are literature and medicine, science and psychology around 1800, questions of cultural identity in the German speaking world and Europe and contemporary Swiss literature. He has published widely on these topics. 

From 2002-2005 Prof. Barkhoff was Director of the Centre for European Studies, from 2007-2011 Registrar of the University. From 2012-2015 he was Director of the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts & Humanities Research Institute and from 2015-2018 Head of School of the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. From 2013 to 2018 he led the university-wide, interdisciplinary research theme ‘Identities in Transformation’. He is currently Vice-Chair of the Executive Board of the Coimbra Group of European Universities.



Bursar & Director of Strategic Innovation*

Professor Veronica Campbell was appointed Bursar and Director of Strategic Innovation in 2015. This role entails providing strategic leadership in the overall development of the campus and administrative services to ensure alignment to the overall strategic objectives of the University. The Bursar and Director of Strategic Innovation is an ex officio member of the Executive Officers Group, the University’s Senior Management Team, along with the Provost, Vice-Provost/Chief Academic Officer and the Faculty Deans. She is an ex officio member the Finance and Investment board committees and chair the Space Allocation and Capital Projects sub-committees of the Executive Officer Group.


Professor Paula Murphy was appointed Registrar in 2016 and has statutory responsibility for the records of both Trinity College Dublin and the University of Dublin. (Trinity College Dublin is the sole constituent College of the University of Dublin, established by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592. For most practical purposes, Trinity College and the University of Dublin may be regarded as one and the same institution. However, degrees are awarded by the University of Dublin, not Trinity College, and this is the main instance when the roles of the two bodies diverge).

Paula Murphy is Professor in Developmental Biology, in the School of Natural Sciences (Zoology Discipline). She was an undergraduate student at Trinity College, graduating in Natural Sciences, specialising in Genetics. She was awarded a Medical Research Council (MRC) Studentship, to carry out research for her PhD thesis at the University of Edinburgh (MRC Human Genetics Unit).  Two Postdoctoral Research Fellowships from the European Molecular Biology Organisation and the Human Frontiers Science Programme provided research experience at the University of Rome (La Sapienza) (1991-1993) and the Ecole Normale Superieur, Paris (1993-1995). This paved the way for current research programmes examining the molecular basis of how cells differentiate and form emerging organised tissues and organs in the developing embryo. Her research contributions are recognised internationally in the fields of skeletal development and morphogenesis. Following a research position in Oslo she returned to take up her current post at Trinity College in 2001. In 2008 she was elected Fellow of Trinity College Dublin. She has published more than 50 research articles in International Journals and held research grants from SFI, the Wellcome Trust and BBSRC.

Dean & Vice-President for Research*

Professor Linda Doyle was appointed Dean of Research in 2017. The Dean of Research has responsibility for coordinating and overseeing the University’s research, innovation, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship strategies.

Linda Doyle is Professor of Engineering & The Arts in Trinity College Dublin. Prior to taking on the role of Dean of Research at Trinity College Dublin, she was the Director of the CONNECT SFI Research, a national research centre focused on future networks and communications.  Her expertise is in the fields of wireless communications, cognitive radio, reconfigurable networks, spectrum management and creative arts practices. Prof. Doyle has a reputation as an advocate for change in spectrum management practices and has played a role in spectrum policy at the national and international level. Currently she is a member of the National Broadband Steering Committee in Ireland, and is a member of the Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board in the UK. Linda was one of the founders of the Orthogonal Methods Group, a research platform that works in critical and creative tension with technology with the purpose of generating knowledges, insights and alternative research orientations across disciplines that are sometimes perceived to be mutually exclusive. She is a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin.  She is the Chair of the Douglas Hyde Gallery. 


Dean of Graduate Studies*

Professor Neville Cox was appointed Dean of Graduate Studies in 2016 with responsibility for the coordination and development of academic policy in postgraduate education.

Professor Cox LL.B., Ph.D. is a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin and a practising barrister. He is the author of Blasphemy and the Law (2000) and co-author ofSport and the Law (2004). He is also published on a wide variety of topics in law journals and books. He lectures in the areas of tort law, comparative law and sport and the law. He has been a visiting professor in the University of San Francisco and in Autumn of 2006 he will be a scholar-in-residence in Washington & Lee University in Virginia. In 2005 he was awarded a Provost's teaching award. He is acting Head of School and Director of the LL.M. degree programmes.

Senior Lecturer/Dean of Undergraduate Studies*

Professor Kevin Mitchell is the College’s Senior Lecturer / Dean of Undergraduate Studies whose role is to coordinate undergraduate teaching and learning and oversee admissions.

He is Associate Professor in the Smurfit Institute of Genetics in Trinity College Dublin and a member of the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience. His interests are in understanding the genetic program specifying the wiring of the brain and its relevance to variation in human faculties, especially to psychiatric and neurological disease and to perceptual conditions like synaesthesia. He writes the Wiring the Brain blog ( and is on Twitter @WiringtheBrain. He is the author of the upcoming book: “INNATE – How the Wiring of Our Brains Shapes Who We Are” (Princeton University Press, 2018).


Dean of Students*

Dr Kevin O'Kelly is the Dean of Students and focuses on the development and coordination of policies to promote the student experience.

Deputy Director of the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering since 2000, Dr O'Kelly is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland. His research interests lie in the area of materials and biomaterials; failure mechanisms in cancellous bone; changes in bone mechanical properties due to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis; nano-indentation techniques and complex microstructures in ceramics.

Senior Tutor*

Professor Aidan Seery is the Senior Tutor and oversees the tutorial service provided to undergraduate students offering student support in all aspects of College life.  This post is elected from amongst the Tutors.

Professor Seery has just completed a three-year term as Director of the Trinity Research Centre for Cultures, Academic Values and Education (CAVE) in the School of Education. The Centre conducts research into higher education and is the largest such centre in Ireland. Educated at UCD, the Hochschule für Philosophie and the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich and Trinity [PhD 1995], his research interests include: higher education and self-formation, Bildungstheorie, narrative philosophy and biography, and the philosophical foundations of educational research. He lectures in educational theory and philosophy, higher education and education research methods in the School and has been a College tutor for the past ten years.

Senior Dean

Professor John Parnell is the Senior Dean and is responsible for enquiring into alleged breaches of the College Disciplinary Code by members of the academic staff and for taking further action in accordance with College regulations and statutes.  The Senior Dean is also responsible for allocating rooms for academic members of staff. He chairs the Capitation Committee which apportions the capitation fund to the Capitated Bodies inter alia.  

John Parnell is Professor of Systematic Botany. His primary research interests are centered around the Flora of Thailand and that of Ireland; especially their exploration and description. He also works on the historical and projected biogeography of Thailand and surrounding countries and has recently begun work on selected plant families for the Floras of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Guianas. He is Curator of the College’s Herbarium and Director of the College’s Botanic Garden.


Junior Dean

Dr Tim Trimble, in his role as Junior Dean, is responsible for maintaining discipline and good order among students and he investigates the alleged commission of disciplinary offences by students.  Dr Trimble is Course Director of the MSc in Applied Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. 

He is currently Principal Investigator across a range of research projects in the domains of adolescent mental health, police and military leadership and management and security.  These projects include policing in various countries and jurisdictions, and both military and private security operations in conflict theatres worldwide.  He is currently developing the application of psychological measurement to economic empowerment projects in the Middle East and South Africa.  Additionally, he is an active committee member of the Psychological Society of Ireland.


Senior Proctor

Professor Werner Blau is the Senior Proctor.  The Proctors have, and exercise, responsibilities with regard to supplicating the Senate for degrees.

Professor Blau is Professor of Materials Physics and a Senior Fellow of the College. Appointed Professor of Materials Physics in 1999, Professor Blau is a Senior Fellow of the College, Member of the Royal Irish Academy, a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and a Fellow of the Institute of Nanotechnology. His main research interests are in the production, characterisation, theory and electronic applications of organic polymers, nanotubes and composites.

Junior Proctor

Professor Michael Rowan is the Junior Proctor.  The Proctors have, and exercise, responsibilities with regard to supplicating the Senate for degrees.



Public Orator

Professor Anna Chahoud is the Public Orator and is responsible for the Latin orations at commencements at which honorary degrees are conferred and on other ceremonial occasions. Professor Chahoud holds the Chair of Latin and is based in the Department of Classics at Trinity College.  She studied Classics in Bologna (Laurea in Lettere Classiche) and Pisa (PhD), and worked in England before coming to Ireland in 1999. Her research concentrates on early Latin and the transmission of Latin texts from antiquity to the early modern period.

Professor Chahoud is the author of a systematic study of Lucilius, the 'inventor' of Roman satire, of articles on Republican Latin and the grammatical tradition, and co-editor of Colloquial and Literary Latin. She has contributed to the New Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.  Professor Chahoud is a member of the editorial board of the Bryn Mawr Classical Review and a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin.


Vice-President for Global Relations

Professor Juliette Hussey is the Vice-President for Global Relations and has responsibility for strengthening the University's international strategies and external relationships, both national and international, to effectively deliver the University's core mission in Education and Research.

Professor Hussey has been in Trinity for over 20 years and was head of the discipline of Physiotherapy from 2003-2014. During that time she led on developing programmes in Physiotherapy and allied health sciences which are delivered in Singapore. She was elected to fellowship in 2011, promoted to Associate Professor in 2006 and to Professor in 2015. Professor Hussey leads a group working in the area of exercise rehabilitation in patients with cancer. Her research is translational and is aimed at scientifically improving exercise prescription to optimise therapeutic responses. In addition the challenge in the area of exercise and cancer is to determine underlying mechanisms and her group is working with clinical scientists in this respect. Her current research in oesophageal and prostate cancer is funded by the Health Research Board and the World Cancer Research Fund.

Community Liaison Officer

Dr Ciaran O'Neill is the Community Liaison Officer. The Community Liaison Officer facilitates College’s engagement with society and is committed to encouraging inclusive access to the College community, to promoting wide participation in its activities, and to developing and enhancing the diverse ways in which it engages with the wider world.


Associate Dean of Research

Professor Andrew Bowie is an Associate Dean of Research. Andrew Bowie is Professor of Innate Immunology in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology.

Professor Bowie obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from TCD in 1997, was elected a Fellow of TCD in 2008, and a member of the Royal Irish Academy in 2014. His research expertise is in the area of innate immunity, and work in his laboratory has shed light on how the innate immune system detects pathogens, how pathogens evade and subvert such detection, and also how innate immunity contributes to harmful inflammation.

Associate Dean of Research

Professor Lorraine Leeson is an Associate Dean of Research. Lorraine served as Director of the Centre for Deaf Studies since its establishment in 2001 and was Director of Research for the School of Linguistics, Speech and Communication Sciences for 4 years.

Professor Lorraine Leeson has led several multidisciplinary international action research projects funded via the European Commission and the European Centre for Modern Languages that bring together a broad range of stakeholders with the goal of informing policy and practice regarding sign language users (e.g. in healthcare and policing settings). Her research is underpinned by her work on the linguistics and applied linguistics of sign languages. Taking a cognitive-functional perspective, she has published on aspects of the grammar of Irish Sign Language. She has also published widely on sign language interpreter education, policy and practice. Lorraine is a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin (2009).

Lorraine served as Distinguished Julian and Virginia Cornell Distinguished Visiting Professor to Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania (2013-14). In 2014, she was granted honorary membership of the Irish Translators and Interpreters Association for her research on Irish Sign Language and sign language interpreting.  She remains a practicing sign language interpreter, and is an active member of the Council of Irish Sign Language Interpreters and is co-chair of the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters Committee of Experts.



Associate Vice-President for Global Relations/Dean of Development

Professor Gerard McHugh is the Associate Vice-President for Global Relations and Dean of Development.

Professor McHugh is Associate Professor in Business and Administrative Studies, in the School of Business.

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Science Education

Professor Áine Kelly is the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Science Education.

Áine Kelly is Associate Professor in Physiology in the School of Medicine. A TCD graduate, she was awarded a B.A. (Mod) in Physiology and College gold medal in 1995 and a PhD in 1999. She has been a principal investigator in the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience since 2002 and was elected to Fellowship of the College (FTCD) in 2009. Her research expertise lies at the interface between exercise physiology and neuroscience and she assesses how lifestyle factors including physical activity can enhance and protect brain function throughout the lifespan.

Chief Innovation and Enterprise Officer

Dr Diarmuid O'Brien is the Chief Innovation and Enterprise Officer.

Dr O'Brien was appointed the Chief Innovation and Enterprise Officer in January 2017. His responsibilities include leading the establishment of Trinity’s Technology and Enterprise Campus at silicon docks and the development and enhancement of the innovation and enterprise mission for the university.

The Chief Innovation and Enterprise Officer is an ex officio member of the Executive Officers Group, the University’s Senior Management Team, along with the Provost, Vice-Provost/Chief Academic Officer and the Faculty Deans.

Previously Diarmuid held the role of Director of Research and Innovation with responsibility for both research development and contracts office; and the office of corporate partnership and knowledge exchange; and was the Executive Director of CRANN – an internationally recognised centre of excellence for nanotechnology research based at Trinity College Dublin.

Prior to his roles at Trinity Diarmuid worked in senior management roles in a number of start-up companies including NTera, an electrochromic display company; Xoliox a high power battery company based in Lausanne, Switzerland and Deerac Fluidics a company developing tools to support the drug discovery process.

Registrar of Chambers

Dr Philip Coleman is the Registrar of Chambers. The Registrar of Chambers is an annual officer appointed by the Provost to allocate rooms to students on their behalf.

Dr Philip Coleman is an Associate Professor in the School of English, where he is also Director of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate). His primary research interests are in US American poetry and short fiction, and he is the author/editor of several books, including John Berryman’s Public Vision (2014), David Foster Wallace: Critical Insights (2015) and George Saunders: Critical Essays (2017). He is currently co-editing John Berryman’s correspondence for Harvard University Press. He was elected to Fellowship of the College (FTCD) in 2015 and he has served as an Assistant Junior Dean since 2016.



*Denotes membership of the Academic Management Group