25th Anniversary Dinner for the Trinity Business Student of the Year Award

Dining Hall, Trinity College Dublin

9th April 2019

It has been my pleasure and privilege as Provost over the past eight years to attend the Business Student of the Year Award, every year – I missed, I think, just one year.

And now, with this Anniversary Dinner, we celebrate 25 years of the Award.

In Trinity, we have multiple student and staff awards celebrating different aspects of education, research and innovation. All awards are valuable – because it’s important to recognise exceptional achievement, particularly for people just starting out and making their way in the world.

But the Business Student of the Year is special. What makes it special is quality, consistency, connection.

This Award is particularly good at spotting potential. The achievements of past finalists speak for themselves. Students compete strongly to be short-listed because they know it will make a difference to their careers. Thanks to the discernment of the selective committee and the success of previous winners and finalists, this Award is now a benchmark of quality.

And this Award, as I said earlier today, speaks to the sense of community in, and beyond, the campus. It speaks to the lifelong connection of alumni with their alma mater and to the college’s decades-long partnership with the Bank of Ireland.

The Bank is central to the success of the Award. Thanks to the Bank’s generosity each year, we get to hold the ceremony in one of the most impressive and historic chambers in Ireland. And the Bank’s continued sponsorship provides vital consistency, integrity, and brand recognition.

Awards that keeping changing sponsors don’t have the same weight and impact. They are ephemeral. 25 years, a quarter of a century, speaks to the commitment and investment that the Bank of Ireland has made to our business students.

In this year, when we open our new Trinity Business School, which is going to be a gamechanger for business education in Ireland – it’s a privilege for us in Trinity to celebrate our long partnership with the Bank of Ireland.

Earlier today it was a pleasure to award Marie-Louise O’Callaghan with a gold medal. It’s now a pleasure, on behalf of the university, to present this Gold Medal to the Bank of Ireland in great thanks and recognition for their wonderful support over a quarter of a century.

*    *    *