Inauguration of Stanley Swee Han Quek as Pro-Chancellor

Saloon, Provost's House

27th February 2019


Chancellor, Pro-Chancellors, Visitor, Honorary Consul-General of Singapore in Ireland, distinguished guests and colleagues,

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you this evening to the installation of Dr Stanley Quek as a Pro-Chancellor of the University of Dublin.  Pro-Chancellors are ex officio members of the University Senate, and Pro-Chancellors hold office in their own right. They deputise for the Chancellor in accordance with the Statutes.

For the Chancellor and Pro-Chancellors, the conferring of degrees at commencements is the primary commitment. The Chancellor is also one of the two Visitors to the College; this entails hearing cases from staff and students on all sorts of issues. Pro-Chancellors are called on to deputise in these matters for the Chancellor, as needed.

The University of Dublin is fortunate to have in these offices very eminent individuals; our Chancellor, Dr Mary Robinson, and our Pro-Chancellors: Sir Donnell Deeny and Professors Jane Grimson, David McConnell, Sean Barrett and Sheila Greene. This evening is about adding a new name to this distinguished list.

Dr Stanley Quek is well known to all of us in Trinity. A doctor and a property developer of significant achievement, he is an alumnus whose commitment to the university is remarkable, in terms of philanthropy and of active engagement on a wide number of fronts.

Dr Quek graduated in 1972 from Trinity medical school. He returned to Singapore, where he was born, and practiced as a doctor until 1997, while establishing his immensely successful property development company, Region Development Pte Ltd, in 1987. Throughout he remained deeply connected to Trinity and to Ireland.

He served as Honorary Consul of Ireland in Singapore from 1994 to May 2000 and he assisted the Irish Universities and Medical Schools Consortium in selecting and interviewing students from Singapore for medical studies in Trinity, UCD, NUI Galway and UCC.

From 2008 to 2015 he was a board member of Trinity Foundation; he is now a member of the Provost’s Council, and of our campaign cabinet. His great commitment made him a most deserving recipient of the inaugural Trinity Alumni Award in 2007. Any of us who have been on college business in Singapore over the years, or indeed in Sydney or Malaysia, where Stanley has many business interests, can testify to how much help he gives. In November last, on a tour of the region, meeting alumni and university leaders and presidents, I was absolutely indebted to Stanley for all he did to make the visit a success.

In 2010 Trinity was one of a number of universities shortlisted by the Singapore Ministry of Education to tender for the delivery of one-year programmes to diploma graduates in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Diagnostic Radiography and Radiation Therapy.  Dr Quek gave considerable and decisive support to Trinity’s application and we won the tender. It would be hard to over-state the importance of this – both the current and the previous Vice-President of Global Relations agree that Singapore was a major breakthrough which has helped determine the college’s successful global relations strategy to date.

Not only Trinity, but other Irish universities have recognised Stanley’s great contribution. In March 2013 was awarded a Degree of Doctor of Medicine (honoris causa) by the National University of Ireland, in June 2015 with an honorary Doctor in Laws from this, his own University. In June 2018 he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. He is presently Chairman of The Ireland Funds Singapore, which has raised more than 5 million Singapore dollars since 2009 to support projects involving children with special needs and Eldercare.

In his property development projects, which are now global – in London and Dublin as well as in Singapore, Sydney and Penang - Dr Quek is committed to creating beautifully designed, sustainable and liveable communities. If you’ve been in Sydney and seen his iconic Central Park area, you will know what I mean.

In Trinity we’ve honoured Stanley with his name on the Benefactors Wall in the Dining Hall; and there’s a lecture theatre named after him in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute. We are delighted now to inaugurate him as Pro-Chancellor.

His appointment is particularly significant because it’s the first time in our 427-year history that Trinity will have a Pro-Chancellor from outside Ireland and Britain. It’s a truly notable moment in the history of this College, when we launched a fortnight ago the third iteration of our global relations strategy – it is, I think, greatly symbolic of Trinity’s increased global connectivity.

Trinity Pro-Chancellors serve as role models to the whole Trinity community and to society. It’s with the greatest pleasure that I welcome Dr Quek to the Pro-Chancellorship of the University of Dublin.



Provost               In accordance with the 2010 Consolidated Statutes of Trinity College Dublin and of the University of Dublin, Stanley Quek, having been nominated in accordance with Section 6(3)(b) of the Chapter on the Chancellor, was declared elected a Pro-Chancellor of the University of Dublin.In accordance with Section 2(2)(4) of the said Chapter, I now invite Stanley Quek to make her statutory declaration:

Stanley Quek       I, Stanley Swee Han Quek, solemnly declare that I shall faithfully discharge the duties prescribed for the Pro-Chancellor by the Statutes, and that I shall, so far as in me lies, promote and defend the welfare and interests of the University

Provost robes Stanley Quek

Provost               Stanley Quek is now admitted to the Office of Pro-Chancellor of the University of Dublin, and I invite him to address you.