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Electoral Register

In accordance with the Board approved time-table for the appointment of the Provost the final Electoral Register has been published and may be viewed here:

Final Provost Electoral Register


For ease of reference the Statutory definition of the electorate is: 


11. (1) The electorate shall consist of those who, on the date of the election, are

(a) full-time members of the academic staff who hold the position of Fellow, Professor, Associate Professor or Senior Lecturer,

(b) Lecturers who have held continuously a full-time academic post in the College for at least one year previous to the date of the election,

(c) permanent part-time members of the academic staff who had previously come within the terms of paragraphs (a) or (b), (to ensure that long-serving members of the academic staff who for family or similar reasons opt to work on a permanent, part-time basis are not disenfranchised by doing so),

(d) members of Board or Council, and

(e) other persons who, either by virtue of the Statutes or in accordance with a resolution of Board or Council, are in regular attendance at meetings of Board and Council as elected representatives.

(2) No person who comes within the terms of subsection 1(a)-(c) but who has been appointed to an academic post for a stated period of less than five years shall be a member of the electorate.

(3) A serving Provost shall not be a member of the electorate.

 Any queries in respect of the draft Electoral Register may be submitted to the Registrar, Professor Brendan Tangney, at

The final Electoral Register will be published in January 2021.