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Professor Patrick Prendergast



Born in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Patrick Prendergast is a Professor of Engineering in Trinity College Dublin.  He first came to Trinity as an undergraduate student, graduating with an engineering degree in 1987 and a PhD in 1991.  After post-doctoral positions in Italy and the Netherlands, he returned to a lecturing post at Trinity in 1995, and was elected a Fellow in 1998. Passionately committed to teaching and research, he established the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering in 2002, was elected MRIA in 2008 and awarded an ScD in 2009.  He served as Dean of Graduate Studies 2004-7 and was appointed Vice-Provost in 2008.

Manifesto (key points)

Trinity in 2011 deserves its reputation as Ireland's greatest university.  It champions academic freedom, has never been afraid of debate, and is always at the forefront of change.  As a university we now face some of our greatest challenges and threats, which is why we need a Provost with the right vision and experience to lead Trinity and reassert the values that we all believe in.

As Provost, I would ensure that all the things that make Trinity great – the passionate teaching that produces world-class graduates and postgraduates, the extraordinary research (whether produced by the individual scholar or by a large research group), the engagement with national and international issues, our staff – are recognised and valued.  My role will be to lead the College in this work, by restoring collegiality, and by making Trinity’s decision-making more robust and effective.

Over the next few weeks I look forward to presenting my vision for Trinity, meeting colleagues one-on-one or at public meetings, and debating the issues and the challenges that we are all facing.  In my manifesto I set out my ideas in greater detail, including my views on education and research, communications (both internal and external), administrative reform, and the College’s financial future.  I have put myself forward for the position of Provost because I believe my experience of Trinity and its values makes me uniquely suited to dealing with the challenges before us.  We need a tried-and-tested leader who will bring forward an inclusive agenda with courage and decisiveness.  

On 2 April, we will be asked to make a decision about the future of Trinity, the kind of university that we want to work in, and the values that we want to promote.  I welcome this opportunity to present my vision for how we can face the future with confidence.



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