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Three candidates were officially declared for Provostship of Trinity College Dublin following the closing date for receipt of nominations at 12 noon on 5 February 2021. They are:

Please click on the candidates' names to access their campaign websites.


In order to officially declare their intention to run for election, each candidate must have been nominated by 12 members of the College’s electorate. The names of those who nominated each candidate are listed below.

Professor Linda Doyle

Nominated by:

  1. Maria Brenner
  2. Neville Richard Cox
  3. Jennifer McElwain
  4. Anil Kokaram
  5. Lidia Tajber
  6. John Vincent Reynolds
  7. Aileen Douglas
  8. Wolfgang Schmitt
  9. Trevor Spratt
  10. Derek Sullivan
  11. Carol Ann O'Sullivan
  12. Eleanor Denny

Professor Linda Hogan

Nominated by:

  1. Andrew Burke
  2. Vincent Joseph Cahill
  3. Blanaid Clarke
  4. Mary Cosgrove
  5. John Donegan
  6. Seamas Donnelly
  7. Roja Fazaeli
  8. Anne Marie Healy
  9. Mary McCarron
  10. Aoife McLysaght
  11. Valeria Nicolosi
  12. Samson L. Shatashvili

Professor Jane Ohlmeyer

Nominated by:

  1. Ivana Bacik
  2. Fabio Boylan
  3. Brian Broderick
  4. Anna Chahoud
  5. Aiden Corvin
  6. Jacqueline Hayden
  7. Nicholas Johnson
  8. Luke O'Neill
  9. Carmel O'Sullivan
  10. Eve Patten
  11. Mani Ramaswami
  12. Igor Shvets