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Welcome to the Provost Appointment website

The term of office of the current Provost, Dr John Hegarty, will finish on 31 July 2011 and the College has commenced the process to appoint his successor.

The Principles Governing this process are:

  1. All members of the College community are exhorted to adhere to the principle of equity and fair procedures in their dealings with all candidates, and the Steering Committee is duty bound to ensure such equity and fair procedures as far as possible.
  2. Where a School, Discipline or Centre invites a candidate or candidates to meet with members of the electorate, this invitation has to be extended to all candidates. This applies both to joint meetings of all candidates and to separate meetings with each of the candidates. 
  3. Where individual candidates seek meetings with Schools, Disciplines or Centres out of their own initiative, equal access must be given to all candidates seeking such meetings.  It is a breach of the principle of equity if Schools etc. facilitate meetings for some candidates but decline to do so for others.
  4. As it could be perceived as an endorsement by the institution, College officers and others in posts of responsibility must not use their official College function when supporting candidates. Any member of the electorate is of course free to support an individual candidate, but does so in a strictly personal capacity and should not quote any such officership or post of responsibility (past or present) in writing or verbally when supporting the candidate of their choice. This includes all College Officers appointed by the Board and Faculty Deans, Heads of School, Heads of Discipline and Directors of Research Institutes and Centres. Instead supporters should make it clear at all times that their support is unrelated to and clearly separated from the office or post of responsibility they hold.  The use of academic titles and School affiliations in describing candidates’ supporters is permitted.

These web pages will be up-dated on an on-going basis until the appointment of the new Provost by the Board on 11 April 2011 - Trinity Monday. I hope that they will provide useful information for prospective applicants and members of the College community.

Professor Jürgen Barkhoff

Registrar and Chair of the Steering Committee

22 October 2010

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