PY5020 Nanoscience

This course covers seeing, manipulating and building at the nanoscale. The course will start by establishing a basis of relevant mechanics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. Fundamental topics include dimensional analysis and scaling, thermal effects, surface forces and bonds, nanoscale synthesis including self assembly and self organization. The principles and capabilities of nanomechanics and nanofluidics will be discussed, including surface related subjects of contact mechanics, friction, adhesion, and capillary forces.

Top-down fabrication methods will be presented consisting of various lithographic and patterning techniques, which will be contrasted with bottom-up methods. Important nanostructured material systems such as thin films, nanocrystalline, mesoporous, block copolymers and anodized systems will be examined. The notion of soft machines and Nature's version of nanotechnology will be compared to the direction of human nanotechnology development. The course will conclude with topics in nanoscale sensing of displacement, mass, heat, mechanical properties, charge, and electromagnetic fields.