Dr. Farbod Akhlaghi | University of Cambridge/ Trinity College Dublin

Farbod Akhlaghi is a Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy at Christ's College, University of Cambridge, and a Visiting Research Fellow at Trinity College, Dublin. He works primarily in (Meta-)Metaphysics, Moral Philosophy, and their intersections.

He read for his DPhil (PhD) at the University of Oxford, first at Oriel College funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and then as Graduate Development Scholar at St Anne's College with an Aristotelian Society Bursary, supervised by Prof. Roger Crisp and Prof. Timothy Williamson. From August 2024, I will be an Assistant Professor in Moral Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin. 

Title | 'Grounding and the Naturalism/Non-Naturalism Debate in Meta-Ethics'


Grounding has taken centre stage in moral philosophy. It is increasingly appealed to in characterising the debate between naturalism and non-naturalism, as well as to explain what the explanatory notion being intimated by phrases such as ‘because’, ‘makes’, and ‘in virtue of’ in normative ethics is. Relatedly, an influential view in metaphysics more generally, and recently in meta-ethics, is that there is only one notion of grounding. In this paper, I argue that if all these claims are true, ethical debate is necessary and sufficient for settling the naturalism/non- naturalism debate. If so, then concerned meta-ethicists should stop doing (much of) moral metaphysics; those who wish to discover the nature of moral facts should do normative ethics instead. Grounding, so understood, is no friend to much moral metaphysics after all.