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Andrew MayesProfessor of Hebrew Fellow Emeritus

My research interests are in Hebrew Bible, ancient Israelite history and religion, and methodology in historical reconstruction and religious understanding. I have written a number of books, book chapters and articles in these areas, with a particular focus on Deuteronomy and associated literature, Israelite origins and pre-monarchic history, and sociological approaches to ancient Israelite history and religion. A more recent area of interest has been Egypt as an ideological construct in the Hebrew Bible, and the relationship between Israel and Egypt in history, literature and religion. I teach a final year undergraduate course on this topic, and have published a number of specialist studies; a book is in preparation.

Selected Publications

  • Israel in the Period of the Judges
  • The Story of Israel between Settlement and Exile
  • Judges
  • The Old Testament in Sociological Perspective
  • Text in Context (ed.)
  • Covenant as Context (ed.)

Teaching Responsibilities

  • SF - Introduction to Hebrew
  • SF/JS - Election; Covenant/Kingship in Israel
  • SF/JS - Prophecy in Israel
  • SS - Advanced Hebrew
  • SS - Israel and Egypt