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We aim to disseminate our work through various platforms, including journal publications and conference presentations. Below you will find some of the outputs to-date.

Please contact the author(s) directly should you have any questions regarding the following outputs.



Mohamed A. Ahmed and Benjamin Outhwaite (2021) Bilingualism in Genizah Arabic Poetry: T-S NS 108.60. Fragment of the Month: May 2021 | Cambridge University Library

Mohamed. A. Ahmed (2021) Egyptian Arabic Proverbs in the Cairo Genizah, Journal of Islamic Manuscripts, Brill. 12 (2021) 115–130.


Conferences and Speaking Invitations

Mohamed. A. Ahmed. The Cairo Genizah and Arabic Literature: Kalila wa-Dimna as an Example, Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education Online Middle Eastern Studies Webinar. 27 January 2022: Join the Online Webinar Series – Al-Maktoum College (

Mohamed. A. Ahmed. The Cairo Genizah and Arabic Literature: Kalila wa-Dimna as an Example, Research Colloquium Kalīla and Dimna – AnonymClassic, Freie Universität Berlin. 02 December 2021.

Mohamed. A. Ahmed. Present the project in the Canadian Society for Jewish Studies Annual Conference: online, May 2-7, 2021.

Benjamin Outhwaite. ‘The rise of paper: a view from the Cairo Genizah’, Thinking Paper workshop, Cambridge, February 2021

Mohamed. A. Ahmed. "Arabic Poetry in the Cairo Genizah", presented at TLRH Coffee Morning Series, Trinity College Dublin. Feb. 2, 2021.

Mohamed. A. Ahmed. Presenting in the conference "Segundo Simposio de la Asociación Española para el Estudio de Textos Sagrados (Judaísmo, Cristianismo e Islam) AETS", on the 10th December 2020.

Mohamed. A. Ahmed. Invited Keynote Speaker, Building Bridge Symposium 2020, Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education, Dundee. Keynote title: "Hidden Literature: Arabic Poetry as a Judaeo-Islamic Heritage". Thursday 12th November 2020.


Q&A Wednesday: Arabic Poetic Literature with Mohamed Ahmed, 09 June, 2021
Melonie Schmierer-Lee of the Genizah Research Unit interviews Mohamed Ahmed about his current fragement study, T-S AR.42.8.