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Research Seminars and Conferences

i. Islamic Studies


  • Human Rights and Religion Evening Course
  • Scholars at Risk Lecture Series (funded by TCD Equality Fund)
  • International Conference on Law, State and Religion UCD-TCD


  • Islam and Gender Workshop Series (funded by the TCD Equality Fund)
  • Human Rights and Abrahamic Faiths, Joint workshop of TCD-Johns Hopkins-Mofid

ii. Bible, Near East and Early Judaism


  • Conference: The Religion of Persia and its subjects (with Sheffield University
    Department of Biblical Studies)


  • Conference: Assessing sources for Achaemenid History (with Sheffield University
    Department of Biblical Studies)

iii. Herzog Centre for Near Eastern and Jewish Studies (selected events)

Conferences and Workshops


  • “Re-interpreting Hellenistic Judaism in the Nineteenth through Twenty-First
    Centuries.” Joint conference with the Institute for Culture and History,
    University of Amsterdam


  • “Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial: New Perspectives,” Trinity College Dublin
    (partly funded by Herzog Centre)
  • Workshop on the Reception of Hellenistic Judaism from the 18th Century to the
    Present,” Trinity College Dublin


  • Academic Colloquium in Honour of Prof. Sean Freyne,” Trinity College Dublin


  • “Josephus and Historical Method,” International Colloquium, Trinity College Dublin


  • “Jews and Muslims: Their Interaction through the Generations” (with the James
    Shasha Institute


  • “Rabbinic Law in its Roman and Near Eastern Context” (with the Centre for
    Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies).
  • “Representing the Shoah for the 21st Century” (with the Programme in Ethnic and
    Racial Studies at Trinity College Dublin).

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