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Current & Recent Research Students

Prof. Roja FazaeliCurrent Students

  • Farah Mokhtarizadeh: Islamic Feminism and Transnational Feminist Solidarities in Iran and Afghanistan
  • David Compton: Sufism in the Sensual Poetry of Ibn al-ʿArabi’s Tarjumān al-ashwāq (Interpreter of Desires)
  • Ross Holder: Rights of Religious Minorities in China

Recently Completed

  • Ali Selim: An Islamic Theory of Coexistence (Ph.D.)
  • Stephen Patten: Suicide or Martyrdom: Studying the Relationship between Islamic Beliefs and Modern Suicide Attacks (M.Litt)
  • Maryam Hosseinkhah: Execution of Women under Islamic Law: Iran and Afghanistan

Prof. Anne FitzpatrickCurrent Students

  • Magdalena Szklarz: The Book of Job
  • Audrey Barnett: The Eighth Century Prophets and the Near East
  • Costanza Ficorella: The Kingdom of Edom and Biblical Tradition
  • Alan Laverty: The Hittites
  • Claire Carroll: The Book of Jeremiah
  • Margot Belot: The Symbol of Water in Creation Myths of Mesopotamia and Egypt

Recently Completed

  • Jason Silverman: Persian and Apocalyptic: The Transition from Prophecy to Apocalyptic in Second Temple Judaism (Ph.D.)
  • Killian McAleese: The New Moon, Sacred Time, and the Boundaries of Ancient Israelite Identity (Ph.D.)
  • Ronald Geobey: The Exodus Tradition and its Egyptian Background
  • Heidi O'Rourke: A 'Jewish' Temple in Egypt

Prof. Zuleika RodgersCurrent Students

  • Natalie Wynn: The History and Internal Politics of Ireland's Jewish Community in Their International Jewish Context, 1881-1914
  • Emily Parker: The figure of Joseph in the writings of Philo of Alexandria
  • Stephen Murray: Ireland's Attitude towards the State of Israel (1947-1972)
  • Barbara de Bergin: Herod the Great: The Judean King in his Near Eastern Context

Recently Completed

  • John Murray Watson: Translation for Transformation: André Chouraqui and His Translations of the Gospels