Vitamin D map shows major differences in Dubliners’ deficiency


November 2016


For the first time in Ireland, researchers have developed a visual map showing the vitamin D status of Dublin’s inhabitants. It shows considerable variations in vitamin D deficiency among people living in certain geographic and urban locations within the greater Dublin region – some areas show five times higher rates of deficiency than others.


Extensive coverage included pieces in/on:


Irish Times 

Irish Examiner 

The Journal 

Irish Medical Times 


Irish Health 

Irish News 

Newstalk Radio

Violent winds collide in one of the heaviest stars in our galaxy


October 2016


A revolutionary study involving researchers from Trinity College Dublin, in collaboration with an international team including the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy (MPIfR) in Germany and NASA in the USA, has obtained the sharpest ever images of one of the heaviest stars in our galaxy.


International coverage included pieces in/on:



National Geographic 

Daily Mail

Silicon Republic 

Science Mag 

International Business Times 

Eurasia Review 

Business Insider 

Yahoo News 

Science World Report

Nature World News 

New study to discover how “super” immune system can prevent hepatitis C


September 2016


Scientists from Trinity College Dublin are seeking volunteers who were exposed to anti-D contaminated with hepatitis C virus (HCV) between 1977 and 1979 as they attempt to discover why some people are naturally protected from HCV infection, while others are not.


Extensive coverage included pieces on/in:


RTE News 

RTE Radio News at One 

UTV Ireland 

RTE Radio One Sean O'Rourke Show

Irish Examiner 

Irish Sun

The Journal

Health Canal 

Irish Central

Breaking News Ireland 

Unearthed: the cannibal sharks of a forgotten age


August 2016


Scientists have discovered macabre fossil evidence suggesting that 300 million-year-old sharks ate their own young, as fossil poop of adult Orthacanthus sharks contained the tiny teeth of juveniles. These fearsome marine predators used protected coastal lagoons to rear their babies, but it seems they also resorted to cannibalising them when other food sources became scarce.


Extensive international coverage included articles in:


Washington Post



Russia Today 

National Post

The Journal 

International Business Times 


Popular Science 

Business Insider India 


Astrophysicists bring Mercury Transit to Irish public


May 2016


Astrophysicists from Trinity College Dublin offered the public a unique opportunity to observe and learn about the 2016 Mercury transit, when our solar system’s smallest planet became visible moving across the Sun on Monday, May 9.


Extensive coverage included broadcast and print coverage on/in:


RTE News 

UTV News 

TV3 News


Irish Times 

Irish Central 


Comet craters — literal melting pots for life on Earth


May 2016


Geochemists from Trinity College Dublin’s School of Natural Sciences may have found a solution to a long-debated problem as to where – and how – life first formed on Earth.


Extensive coverage included a radio interview on Newstalk’s Futureproof and articles in:


National Post 

International Business Times 


Silicon Republic 

R & D Magazine 

Scinexx Germany 

Science Daily 

CBC Radio Canada


Scientists Reveal Origin of Earth’s Oldest Crystals

April 2016

New research from scientists at Trinity College Dublin suggests that the very oldest pieces of rock on Earth – zircon crystals – are likely to have formed in the craters left by violent asteroid impacts that peppered our nascent planet, rather than via plate tectonics as was previously believed.

Extensive international coverage of this finding included articles with:

Daily Mail

Chemeurope Germany

Yahoo News Singapore

Iran Daily

Big News Network

Malaysia Sun

International Business Times Australia

Nigeria Sun

Denmark News

Irish Independent

Irish Times

General Election 2016 – Predictions by Trinity Experts


February 2016


Trinity political scientists and economists’ predictions of the outcome of General Election 2016  last February, generated extensive coverage including:


BBC Newsline (NI) live broadcast from Long Room, Old Library,  February 24th, featuring Prof Michael Marsh

Wallstreet Journal  featuring Prof Michael Marsh

USA Today featuring Prof Frank Barry

Times of India

Arab Today

Frankfurter Allgemeine

Swiss television RSI, Telegiornale  in Italian  

Le Monde


World Politics Review




Listen back to predictions here

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