Researchers launch new app providing personalised driving feedback to promote electric vehicle adoption in Ireland

Posted on: 14 May 2024

In a bid to revolutionise transportation habits and combat climate change, researchers from Trinity's School of Engineering have unveiled the TRACT EV app, designed to encourage the widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) across Ireland.

Researchers launch new app providing personalised driving feedback to promote electric vehicle adoption in Ireland

Under the leadership of Principal Investigator, Professor Brian Caulfield, the TRACT project, short for TRAnsport Behaviour Change Trials, brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts from various fields including civil engineering, psychology, and computer science. 

The TRACT EV app represents a significant milestone in the project's mission to promote sustainable transportation practices. By harnessing the power of technology, the app provides users with personalised insights into their driving behaviours and the potential benefits of transitioning to an electric vehicle. 

“We're happy to introduce the TRACT EV app as a tool for examining the change-over to electric cars,” said Prof. Caulfield. “With the transportation sector being a major contributor to carbon emissions, initiatives like TRACT will highlight pathways to decarbonisation.” 

The app utilises GPS and sophisticated algorithms to track users' driving distances and calculate the potential cost savings and emission reductions achievable through the adoption of EVs. Users receive tailored recommendations on charging requirements based on their individual driving patterns, making the transition to electric vehicles more accessible and convenient. 

“We believe that by empowering users with actionable insights and recommendations, we can encourage widespread adoption of electric vehicles and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future,” added Prof. Caulfield. 

The launch of the TRACT EV app marks a significant step towards the project's goal of reaching 10,000 users across Ireland. The app is now available for download on both the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iOS). Visit to get the app. 

In addition to the e-mobility trial, the TRACT project will also test the potential of shared mobility hubs in collaboration with industry partners such as Yuko and BleeperBike. The aim is to measure the impacts of interventions such as shared bikes, cars, active modes, and public transport on reducing emissions and encouraging modal shift. 

With funding from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), the TRACT project represents a collaborative effort between academia, industry, and policymakers to address the pressing challenges of climate change and sustainable transportation. 

For more information about the TRACT project and the TRACT EV app, visit the project's research page: TRACT Project

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