Mass action needed to change US

Daniel Geary, Mark Pigott associate professor in American history, writing in the Irish Times that steps required to prevent police murdering of African Americans have been known for 50 years.

Has business efficiency made Covid crisis worse?

Novel argument in praise of “redundancy” from Trinity Business School’s Tanusree Jain and colleagues Adrian Zicari, Concepcion Galdon and Mario Aquino Alves. Published first in the Business Post.

Why children must be the focus as lockdown eases

Social Work and Social Policy Professor Robbie Gilligan writes on the importance of placing children centre-stage as we exit lockdown. This opinion piece was first published by the Business Post.

Why trust is key to making calculated grades work

A timely piece from Professor Damian Murchan, head of Trinity’s School of Education, on why trust is key to the success calculated grades for this year’s Leaving Cert. First published in the Irish Independent.

Why UN can win back support on human rights

An opinion piece by Donna Lyons, Assistant Professor at the Trinity School of Law, on how the United Nations could win back support for its human rights framework, as first published in the Business Post

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