Leo Varadkar’s coalition government holds remarkably stable in face of Brexit

Opinion piece published by ‘The Conversation’ by Gail McElroy, Professor in Political Science, Trinity College Dublin On paper, Theresa May and Leo Varadkar have much in common politically. Ideologically centre-right, both the British prime minister and Irish premier (Taoiseach) head minority governments that rest on precarious confidence and supply agreements. But Varadkar is in a […]

Who is behind the name of Elena Ferrante?

An opinion piece published by The Conversation explores who is behind the name of the pseudonymous Italian novelist Elena Ferrante.

Wicked problems and how to solve them

An opinion piece published by The Conversation that explains how wicked problems can be solved, by using a water systems research case study.

Is stakeholder capitalism making a comeback?

Over two centuries, capitalist ethos has swung from profit-taking for the few, to a distribution of wealth to the many, and back again. Is the pendulum poised to swing once more? asks Professor Louis Brennan in this piece for The Conversation.

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