Thinking & Feeling About the Migrant Crisis

Emotional reactions are essential to a moral response to the migrant crisis, according to Professor Paul O’Grady, who says that the groundswell of public opinion has been generated by peoples’ emotional responses to the images of the migrant crisis.By Professor Paul O’Grady, Head of the Department of Philosophy, Trinity College Dublin

Crowning of Ireland’s Last, Scottish High King

700 years ago, after the Battle of Bannockburn, Ireland and Scotland united to fight England. We should cherish the links that were forged, according to Professor Seán Duffy.

Weighing up the Value of the Arts in Ireland

It is not the number of artists assisted, or the number of events sponsored that matter but the value to wider society, according to Professor of Economics John O’Hagan

Alcohol and Mental Health in Ireland

The best way to improve mental health in Ireland would be for the Government to implement the recommendations of its own Steering Group on a National Substance Misuse Strategy for alcohol, according to Prof Ian H Robertson.

China’s Ambitious Space Programme

Future space endeavors will be driven by a mix of state actors, corporations and individuals, but China, by virtue of the ambition of its space programme, stands out, according to Professor of Business Studies Louis Brennan.

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