The Science Gallery launched at TCD with LIGHTWAVE exhibition

The Science Gallery was launched this week with its first exhibition, LIGHTWAVE, a nine day festival with installations by some of the world’s leading engineers, scientists, lighting designers and artists. Over 2,000 members of the public have visited the exciting exhibition which explores light in science, technology and art.

Featuring amongs the installations, is the Heliosphere an installation by TCD astrophysics lecturer Dr Peter Gallagher and Anna Hill, which allows you see 3D close-up satellite footage of the surface of the sun taken by NASA and European Space Agency spacecraft. Thre is is also an opportunity to try out some interactive clothing that will allow you to “feel” solar  flares.

The Science Gallery which is housed in the Naughton Institute at TCD, is a flagship national initiative which will probe major scientific issues through a programme of innovative and interactive exhibitions, workshops, events and debate. As a vibrant new public science cultural centre, celebrating science, and technology, it will focus on connecting with the 15-25 age group, firing up these young people to develop a passion for science.

There is a full programme of events and workshops accompanying the LIGHTWAVE festival. For more information on booking visit

Revellers enjoy the heliosphere - 3d satellite footage of the sun