Scholars of the Decades

The annual gathering of Trinity College Dublin’s Scholars of the Decades and new Fellows took place last week on Trinity Monday.

The announcement of fellows and scholars is one of the oldest and most colourful traditions at Trinity College Dublin and marks the beginning of the annual Trinity Week. This year one honorary fellow, 14 new fellows and 55 new scholars of the university were announced on 10 April 2017.

Scholars are students who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and understanding of their subjects and are elected annually in various subjects as the result of an examination.

Research achievement or scholarship of a high order is the primary qualification for fellowship, along with evidence of the candidate’s contribution to the academic life of the university and effective record of teaching.



Front Row: Professor N Grene (1967), Professor A O’Connor (New Fellow),  Professor N Harte (New Fellow), Professor I Coyne (New Fellow), Professor U Fearon (New Professorial Fellow), Mr T C Tyner (1957), Mr R E Harte (1957), Ms H A Pyle (1957),  Dr P J Prendergast (The Provost),  Mr D M Neligan (1957), Mr G Knaggs (1957), Professor R F Foster (New Honorary Fellow), Professor R Chari (New Fellow), Professor M Morris (New Professorial Fellow), Professor V Nicolosi (New Professorial Fellow), Professor R O’Connell (New Fellow), Dr E McLoughlin (2007) 

Row 2: Ms M E Goulden (2017), Ms C Ingoldsby (1997), Ms A Mulligan (2017), Ms J L Deitner (2017), Dr N W T Allan (1967), Professor M Sokol (New Fellow), Professor L Marignol (New Fellow), Professor D Geary (New Fellow), Mr M K Crowe (1967), Mr T J Lawson (1967), Mr R D Reid (1967), Rev W P H Erskine (1967),  Professor B Murphy (New Fellow), Professor A M Healy (1987),  Professor S Sint (New Fellow),  Mr C S Cleary (2007)

Row 3: Dr A Sheane (2007), Dr L E Gleeson (2007), Dr A M Liddy (2007), Dr E Beary (2007), Dr A F Lucheroni (2007), Dr J J Gallagher (2007), Dr A M Mulligan (2007), Ms S J Swaine (2007), Ms C M Lowry (1977), Mr D Connolly (2017), Mr J Mockler (The Mace Bearer), Ms N M Hyland (1987), Mr N D J Wilson (1987), Mr S H M Furlong (2007), Ms T Kelly (1997) (née Fox), Ms E Lawless (1997),  Mr L C Ó Súilleabháin (1987), Mr F A McDonnell (1987), Ms D Weerasinghe (2017), Mr C C Koay (2017)

Row 4: Mr C H Lau (2017), Dr E P Finegan (2007), Ms R El-Nemr (2017), Ms N Mcadam (2017), Mr E Simpson (2017), Ms A Casey (2017), Ms E Windle (2017), Mr S Kavanagh (2017), Mr J M Ahern (2007), Ms J A Lawson (2007)

Row 5  Mr O Carroll (2017), Mr D Phillips (2017), Mr D Dunleavy (2017), Ms J P Dolliver (2017), Mr C Beadle (2017), Ms L Prendeville (2017), Ms C Tonna-Barthet (2017), Mr J Spain (2017), Ambassador J G Keating (1977), Mr G H Jackson (2007), Ms S M Wright (1987), Professor K P Walsh (1977), Ms J Wall (2017), Ms C Quinn (2017), Mr D Lavelle (2016), Ms A M Irwin (2017), Mr C Hardiman (2007), Dr A Velic (2007)

Row 6: Dr B Walsh (2007), Ms C C Ezeani (2017), Dr L Fitzgerald (2007), Ms H Anom (2017), Ms C Michelena (2017), Ms C Henderson (2017), Dr T K O’Dwyer (2007), Dr N McGrane (2007), Ms J A Brown (2007),  Dr D Mac Mathúna (1997), Ms A M Mhic Mhathúna (1997) (née Hayden), Dr E J J Walsh (2007), Ms G Ni Dhulchaointigh (2007), Dr W G G Barry (1997), Dr D Ó Corráin (1997), Ms S Jackson (1997), Ms E R A Pine (1997), Ms G M Brennan (1997), Mr K T Curtis (2007), Mr D Whelan (2007), Dr R J O’Brien (2007), Ms T J Robinson (2007)

Row 7: Ms A Burke (2017), Ms C Van Bakel (2017), Professor T J Callan (1977), Mr M Tinney (2017), Mr A Philipeit (2017), Mr L Lau (2017), Mr A Garg (2017), Mr T Healy (2017), Mr S E Murray (2017), Ms N Reynolds (2017), Ms A Mccabe (2017), Ms V M Koponen (2017), Ms E Collins (2017), Ms B Thiemt (2017), Ms M Power (2017), Ms V N Williams (1997), Dr S Hudson (1997), Ms C O’Connor (2007), Mr S A McManus (2007), Ms A Byrne (2007)

Row 8 : Mr D Mulcahy (2017), Mr O C Flynn-Connolly (2017), Mr G Rice (1997), Mr B N Slattery (1997), Mr B Murray (2017), Mr O Ó Muirthile (2017), Mr A Barber (2017), Mr A Hoffmann (2017), Ms H D Bowman (2017), Mr R O Sullivan (2017), Dr J R H Wilson (1977), Mr M R Ivory (1987), Ms N B Ennis (2007)


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