Renowned film director Béla Tarr to deliver ‘masterclass’ in Trinity

Renowned film director, Béla Tarr, known for directing movies with philosophical themes, will deliver Filmtarrorisme – a Director’s Masterclass – at Trinity on Friday March 10 as part of the 2017 Silk Road International Film Festival.  

Béla Tarr, whose work has been praised by the likes of Martin Scorsese – a recent visitor to Trinity, where he received a gold medal from the University Philosophical Society — will be honoured at the Opening Ceremony with the 5th Silk Road International Film Festival “Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award”.

Two other masterclasses will also be delivered in Trinity; a Masterclass in Editing will be presented by renowned editor Tony Kearns on Thursday March 9, while a Masterclass in Music Scoring will be provided by Alex Oh on Saturday March 11.

Tony Kearns’ repertoire includes music videos for The Prodigy, Blur and The Chemical Brothers, TV commercials for Lynx, Peugeot and Diesel plus film work such as Let Us Pray, Citadel and Kelly and Victor, while Alex Oh has scored for more than 16 feature films in Singapore, Australia, China and the United States, with genres ranging from comedy, family-oriented drama, action films, horror.

More information about the masterclasses, including details about tickets, can be accessed here:  

The Silk Road International Film Festival runs between Wednesday March 8 and Sunday March 12, during which time it will screen over 65 films including an exclusive array of Asian, Arab, Persian, Middle Eastern, African, Mediterranean and European cinema. The films will showcase a rich diversity of features, documentaries, animations, shorts, student films and masterclasses.

International special guest filmmakers and festival directors will attend from Iran, Lebanon, United States of America, Japan, China, United Kingdom and Hungary.

The festival, founded by filmmakers Carla Mooney, Steinar Oli Jonsson & Delwyn Mooney, focuses on productions from regions once part of the historical network of the ancient trade routes of the great Silk Road spanning from Europe to China. Its mission is to incite fruitful collaborations at the intersection of cinema, arts and business.

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