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Dr. Marie Sutton
Assistant Professor, Medical Education
Assistant Professor, School Office - Medicine

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Marie Sutton, Louise Farragher, Jean Long, A review of practices that increase breast feeding: the organisation and implementation of systematic practices to facilitate and encourage breastfeeding in three countries: An evidence brief., Dublin, 2017 Report, 2017

Marie Sutton, Martin Keane, Camile Coyle, Jean Long, Basic Safety Standards - Roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals in European countries in the area of medical ionising radiation protection: An evidence brief., Dublin, Health Research Board, 2017 Report, 2017

Marie Sutton; Emma O'Donoghue; Martin Keane; Louise Farragher; Jean Long, Interventions that promote increased breastfeeding rates and breastfeeding duration among women, Dublin, Health Research Board, 2016 Report, 2016

Martin Keane, Marie Sutton, Louise Farragher, Jean Long, The barriers and facilitators to successful hospital mergers: A systematic evidence synthesis, Dublin, 2015 Report, 2015

Marie Sutton, Rachel Kiersey, Louise Farragher, Jean Long, Health effects of water fluoridation: An evidence review, Dublin, 2014 Report, 2014

O'Sullivan S, Sutton M, Fitzpatrick G. , Prevalence of elevated cardiac troponin T in ICU patients using the high sensitive assay. , Critical Care, International symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Brussels, March 2014, 18, 2014, pp193- Poster, 2014

Pangilinan F, Molloy AM, Mills JL, Troendle JF, Parle-McDermott A, Kay DM,Browne ML, McGrath EC, Abaan H, Sutton M, Kirke PN, Caggana M, Shane B, Scott JM, Brody LC. , Replication and exploratory analysis of 24 candidate risk polymorphisms for neural tube defects., BMC Medical Genetics , 15, (1), 2014, p102- Journal Article, 2014 DOI TARA - Full Text

Marie Sutton and Jean Long , International models of career structure for medical specialists, other tenured medical posts and general practitioners in public (funded) health systems., Health research Board, 2014 Report, 2014

Deirdre Mongan, Marie Sutton , Evidence review on the regulation of dental professionals. , Health research Board, 2013 Report, 2013

Marie Sutton, Jean Long, Integration of health and wellbeing services with UHI-type medical care, Dublin, 2013 Report, 2013

Marie Sutton and Louise Farragher, Epidemiology of children's exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke in cars, Dublin, Health Research Board, 2012 Report, 2012

Marie Sutton and Louise Farragher, Indicators or measures of non-restraint in older people in nursing homes;, Dublin, Health research Board, 2011 Report, 2011

Sutton M, Mills JL, Molloy AM, Troendle JF, Brody LC, Conley M, Mc Donnell R, Scott JM, Kirke PN., Maternal folate, vitamin B12 and homocysteine levels in pregnancies affected by congenital malformations other than neural tube defects. , Birth Defects Research A: Clinical and Molecular Teratology, 91, (7), 2011, p610 - 615 Journal Article, 2011 TARA - Full Text

Pangilinan F, Mitchell A, Vandermeer J, Molloy AM, Troendle J, Conley M, Kirke PN, Sutton M, Sequeira JM, Quadros EV, Scott JM, Mills JL, Brody LC, Transcobalamin II receptor polymorphisms are associated with increased risk for neural tube defects., Journal of Medical Genetics, 47, (10), 2010, p677 - 685 Journal Article, 2010 DOI TARA - Full Text

Molloy, A.M., Kirke, P.N., Troendle, J.F., Burke, H., Sutton, M., Brody, L.C., Scott, J.M., Mills, J.L., Maternal vitamin B12 status and risk of neural tube defects in a population with high neural tube defect prevalence and no folic Acid fortification, Pediatrics, 123, (3), 2009, p917 - 923 Journal Article, 2009 DOI TARA - Full Text

Parle-McDermott A, Pangilinan F, O'Brien KK, Mills JL, Magee AM, Troendle J, Sutton M, Scott JM, Kirke PN, Molloy AM, Brody LC., A common variant in MTHFD1L is associated with neural tube defects and mRNA splicing efficiency, Human Mutation, 30, (12), 2009, p1650-1656 Journal Article, 2009 DOI TARA - Full Text

Pangilinan, F., Geiler, K., Dolle, J., Troendle, J., Swanson, D.A., Molloy, A.M., Sutton, M., Conley, K., Kirke, P.N., Scott, J.M., Mills, J.L., Brody, L.C, Construction of a high resolution linkage disequilibrium map to evaluate common genetic variation in TP53 and neural tube defect risk in an Irish population, American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A, 146A, (20), 2008, p2617 - 2625 Journal Article, 2008 DOI

Sutton M, Daly LE, Kirke PN., Survival and disability in a cohort of neural tube defect births in Dublin, Ireland., Birth Defects Res A Clin Mol Teratol. 2008;82(10): 701- 9, 82, (10), 2008, p701 - 798 Journal Article, 2008

Kirke PN, Sutton M, Burke H, Daly L., Outcome of hip fracture in older Irish women: a two-year follow-up of subjects in a case-control study., Injury, 33, (5), 2002, p387 - 391 Journal Article, 2002

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Lyons S, Lynn E, Walsh S, Sutton M, Long J., Alcohol-related deaths and deaths among people who were alcohol dependent in Ireland, 2004 to 2008. , Dublin, Health Research Board, 2011 Report, 2011



Ministerial appointment to Department of Health Expert Body on Health effects of water fluoridation. November 2017 - September 2022

. Technical Advisor to the Office of Health Assessment and Translation, Division of National Toxicology Program, National Institute of Environmental Health Science, National Institutes of Health (United States) on their current systematic review to evaluate potential neurodevelopmental health effects of fluoride exposure 2020


Association of Medical Educators in Europe Jan 2020 – present