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Internship - General Information


There are 6 intern networks in the Republic of Ireland and each is attached to a Medical School. Trinity College Dublin is the academic partner for the Dublin South-East (DSE) Intern Network. The DSE Intern Network has Intern Tutors/Trainers on each of its 7 training sites and they are there to support and guide our interns in their new role, helping to ensure their successful completion of the Intern Programme. They may also oversee the formal teaching sessions.

2017 sees the introduction of Academic Internship. Academic interns will undertake one full rotation (3 months) in a combined clinical and academic rotation, along with completing their other 3 clinical rotations as normal.

If you are an Academic looking for information on academic track, please click here.

The intern application process is a national program with 700+ posts available annually. In accordance with legislation, places are prioritised for EEA Irish medical school graduates. Responsibility for matching applicants to available posts is facilitated by the National Recruitment Service within the Health Service Executive. This process is open to international applicants also, with eligibility criteria and additional information found here. On successful completion of the Intern Year, Interns are supplied with a Certificate of Experience from the Medical Council.

Please click on the interactive map below to explore Ireland's 6 Intern networks.

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Intern Training Programme:

The purpose of intern training is to educate and train the newly qualified medical graduate to a level which will lead to being awarded a Certificate of Experience by the Medical Council of Ireland. The Intern Training Programme is a comprehensive programme including formal educational sessions and informal training which occurs as part of clinical service. The training programme encompasses the areas of Clinical Judgement, Communication Skills and Professional Development.
For more information on the National Intern Training Programme (NITP) click here.

At present, Intern teaching consists of the following:

General Application Timeline:

  1. Mid/late October - Opening of Stage 1 of the application process.
  2. Jan to March - Academic Track matching process for those who progress, after expressing interest in Stage 1.
  3. March - Invite from the NRS to submit for Stage 2 of the application process, along with Medical Council registration.
  4. May/June - NRS begin post allocations, candidates notified, deadline for acceptance given.
  5. June/July - contract signing and intern induction.

Sample Documents from the 2016 Stage 1 Application Process (This Process is now Closed):

Medical Practitioners Act 2007:

Medical Council Guidelines

The Medical Council have recently issued guidelines on all aspects of the intern year. Please see the relevant links below: