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Welcome to Trinity School of Medicine

Incoming Year 1 students 2020/2021

Welcome letter  

Welcome letter - Year 1 2020 - 2021 (PDF 100 kB)

Update letter 17th June 2020

Update letter for incoming students (PDF 104kB)

2020-2021 Dates

The year will start with online orientation on the Monday 28th September. This is one week later than previously communicated.

See link below which we understand will be updated in the coming weeks:

Teaching will commence on Monday 5th October, a week later than planned. This short delay is necessary following a decision by the Department of Education to delay the release of Leaving Certificate results and to allow the necessary time for the processing and acceptance of CAO offers for students. Any time that has been lost by the delay will be made up later in the academic year.

Whilst most lecture material will be delivered online we will be organising to allow some lectures to be delivered in a socially distanced fashion to a proportion of the class. This is to allow all students to have an opportunity to interact with lecturers as they usually do on a fairly frequent basis. Different groups will be invited to lecturers on different days with the rest of the class able to join online. Tutorials will be delivered both in person and socially distanced and online. Practicals are being reorganised to reduce the size of practical groups to enable social distancing. This may require a few practicals to take place on Saturdays to allow adequate lab space. It is likely that students will be advised to wear masks for most of these activities and there will be added emphasis on hand hygiene etc.

This is an outline of the plans for starting the next academic year, based on the information we have at present. If there are any changes to these plans, that are outside our control, we will inform you immediately.

Latest updated: 20th July 


Y1 Draft Schedule 20-21 (PDF 216kB)

Plans are also progressing in terms of providing both online and in-person teaching where possible.  Students will be allocated to defined pods/groups for teaching activities and the main difference to previous years is that we need to minimize movement between pods which, unfortunately, may reduce the level of choice in student selected elements of the programme.  PPE in the form of masks will be the new norm and gloves and aprons may be required for many of your practical and face to face clinical activities.  Strict protocols will be in place around sign-in for teaching activities for the purposes of contact tracing.

Latest updated: 26th August

TCD Medicine COVID-19 Newsletter

TCD Medicine COVID-19 Newsletter PDF (2.7MB)

College FAQ

The college website has a FAQ session and key updates in relation to the COVID-19 situation in College. If you are an incoming student and have a specific query in relation to Medicine Undergraduate, please email to