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Patient Resources


How your kidney works Acute Kidney Injury National Kidney Disease Education Programme The Kidney Patient Guide Baxter Renal Info National Kidney Federation Kidney Research British Renal Society Renal Association

Choosing Dialysis


Dialysis: Types of

Kidney Dialysis Information Centre

Choosing not to have dialysis: Conservative Care

Ending Dialysis


Home haemodialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis

International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis

Travelling on Dialysis

Dialysis at Sea Fresenius Holiday Dialysis Global Holiday Dialysis Facilities

Keeping Active

Transplant Sport European Transplant and Dialysis Sport Federation World Transplant Games Federation

Chronic kidney disease, its complications and treatment Renal Association National Kidney Federation NHS Choices A guide for Primary Care


Kidney Biopsy

Vascular Access

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Renal Information Arteriovenous FISTULAFIRST Peritoneal Dialysis Access


British Transplantation Society NHS Blood and Transplant Transplant Support Network Talking about Transplanting Transplant Trust The Transplantation Society European Society for Transplantation Kidney Patient Guide: Kidney Transplant Animation British Organ Donor Society Living Organ Donation

Renal Dietetics

The Association of UK Dietitians

Condition Specific Information

Alports Disease Amyloidosis Foundation ANCA Associated Vasculitis Foundation Rare Diseases Cystinosis Diabetes UK Fabry's Disease FanconicAnemia Research Fund Fanconi Anaemia Family Support Fanconi Hope Edinburgh Royal Informary Nephcure UK aHUS Patient/Family Support Group Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome National Kidney Federation Interstitial Nephritis Kidney Stones Kidney Stoners Liddle’s Syndrome Lupus/SLE Lupus Patients Understanding and Support Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC) Minimal Change Membranous Membranoproliferative GN Myeloma Bone Cancer Pregnancy and Kidney Disease Vasculitis Foundation Polycystic Kidney Disease Pyelonephritis Title Renal artery stenosis Kidney Cancer Care National Charity for Prostate Cancer Renal Tubular Acidosis Raynaud's and Schleroderma Association Schleroderma Foundation NHS Choice Urinary Tract Infections Kidney and Urologic Diseases Vasculitis UK Vasculitis Foundation Vasculitis Patient Information