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Students of 2008

Key to the development of medical doctors of the future is a familiarity and competence in clinical research. A critical component of this aspiration is the need to expose the future medical doctor to a significant investigational experience at an early stage in order to embed an understanding and appreciation of the relevance of research to healthcare delivery. Making research a consistent feature of the curriculum is an educational focus for the next five years.


The School has reduced the curriculum from six to five years. The hybrid pedagogic model now used involves lectures, problem-based learning and small group case-based teaching. Students are introduced to clinical medicine early in their first year and special attention is placed on the teaching of clinical skills in a purpose-built laboratory. Bedside teaching remains a major focus of the curriculum.


Specialist MSc programmes

Anatomy hallCurrently 20 MSc courses are offered by the School of Medicine to over 300 students. A major task is to develop research capability of graduate students consistent with the overall research strategy of the School of Medicine. The following newly-developed courses are on offer: MSc in Neuroscience, MSc in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention; MSc in Physical Sciences in Medicine; MSc in Respiratory Physiotherapy; Intercalated MSc in Biomedical Sciences for Medical Students. Future plans include the introduction of a new MSc in Translational Medicine, MSc/Diploma in Biostatistics, MSc in Healthcare Infection Management and MSc in Clinical Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics.

Research degrees

The School of Medicine has nearly 200 students registered for postgraduate research degrees. Going forward we aim to increase access to postgraduate research degrees, particularly for medical graduates, and following on from the success of the integrated PhD programmes in Molecular Medicine and Neuroscience we aim to broaden the scope of PhD programmes on offer in the School. In this regard, the first intake of PhD students into the International Doctoral School in Global Health (Indigo) led by Trinity College in collaboration with partner universities in Africa and other countries will take place in 2009. Furthermore, work is underway to develop structured PhD programmes in Experimental Cancer Medicine and in Community Health and Primary Care.

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