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Professor Jacintha O'Sullivan
Professor, Surgery

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Brennan, L., Sadeghi, F., O'Neill, L., Guinan, E., Smyth, L. Sheill, G., Smyth, E., Doyle, S.L., Timon, C., Connolly, D., O'Sullivan, J., Reynolds, J.V., and Hussey, J., Telehealth Delivery of a Multi-Disciplinary Rehabilitation Programme for Upper Gastro-Intestinal Cancer: ReStOre@Home Feasibility Study, Cancers, 2022 Journal Article, 2022 DOI

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Bennett, A.E., O'Neill, L., Connolly, D., Guinan, E., Boland, L., Doyle, S., O'Sullivan, J., Reynolds, J.V., Hussey, J., Perspectives of Esophageal Cancer Survivors on Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery., Cancers, 13, (1), 2021, p1-12 Journal Article, 2021 DOI URL

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Azizah M. Malebari, Darren Fayne, Seema M. Nathwani, Fiona O'Connell, Sara Noorani, Brendan Twamley, Niamh M. O'Boyle, Jacintha O'Sullivan, Daniela M. Zisterer, Mary J. Meegan, Beta-lactams with antiproliferative and antiapoptotic activity in breast and chemoresistant colon cancer cells, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 189, 2020, p112050- Journal Article, 2020 DOI URL

O'NEILL L., GUINAN E., DOYLE S., CONNOLLY D., O'SULLIVAN J., BENNETT A., SHEILL G., SEGURADO R., KNAPP P., FAIRMAN C., NORMAND C., GEOGHEGAN J., CONLON K., REYNOLDS JV., HUSSEY J., Rehabilitation strategies following oesophagogastric and hepatopancreaticobiliary cancer (ReStOre II): a protocol for a randomised controlled trial, BMC Cancer, 20, 2020, p1 - 20 Journal Article, 2020 DOI

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Buckley AM, Dunne MR, Lynam-Lennon N, Kennedy SA, Cannon A, Reynolds AL, Maher SG, Reynolds JV, Kennedy BN, O'Sullivan J., Pyrazinib (P3), [(E)-2-(2-Pyrazin-2-yl-vinyl)-phenol], a small molecule pyrazine compound enhances radiosensitivity in oesophageal adenocarcinoma., Cancer letters, 447, 2019, p115-129 Journal Article, 2019 DOI

O'Neill L., Knapp P., Doyle SL., Guinan E., Parker A.,Segurado R., Connolly D., O'Sullivan J., Reynolds JV., Hussey J, 'Patient and family co-developed participant information to improve recruitment rates, retention, and patient understanding in the Rehabilitation Strategies Following Oesophago-gastric and Hepatopancreaticobiliary Cancer (ReStOre II) trial: Protocol for a study within a trial (SWAT) [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review]', 2019, - Protocol or guideline, 2019 DOI

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