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Dr. Sinead Duggan
Senior Research Fellow, Surgery


Dr Sinead Duggan is a Senior Research Fellow (part-time) in the Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, and is based in the Trinity Centre for Health Sciences in Tallaght University Hospital. Having originally graduated from TCD/DIT with a first class honours degree in Nutrition & Dietetics (2012), Sinead works with Professor Kevin Conlon and manages his research team. Sinead completed her PhD (Dept Surgery, TCD) in 2014 having won a Health Professional's Fellowship grant from the Health Research Board in 2009. Since then, Sinead has been a co-applicant on several successful Meath Foundation grant applications, including two in 2020 (for Dietary Intake in Chronic Pancreatitis and Time-Restricted Eating in PCOS). To date, Sinead has successfully co-supervised two PhD students (graduating in 2019 and 2020), and currently co-supervises an MD student (Department of Surgery) and a Research Masters student (Department of Clinical Medicine). Sinead has won several awards for her research including the INDI Researcher of the Year (2014) and The Cuthbertson Medal from the Nutrition Society of UK and Ireland (2016). To date, Sinead has authored/co-authored 27 peer-reviewed papers and four book chapters, and has participated in the development of National and International clinical guidelines for pancreatitis, including the HaPanEU European Guidelines and the Irish College of General Practicitioners Guidelines for chronic pancreatitis. Sinead is active within the School of Medicine working to help the School with the implementation of its Communications Strategy.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Research Expertise


Dr Sinead Duggan's research interests include the nutritional management of acute and chronic pancreatitis, type 3c / pancreatogenic diabetes, epidemiology of chronic pancreatitis, economic burden of chronic pancreatitis, dietary intake in pancreatitis, the natural history of chronic pancreatitis, development of a clinical score in chronic pancreatitis, nutrition in pancreatic cancer, time-restricted eating / intermittent fasting in PCOS, the use of digital technologies (mobile phone app) for the management of chronic pancreatitis


ACUTE PANCREATITIS; Chronic inflamation; CHRONIC PANCREATITIS; CHRONIC RELAPSING PANCREATITIS; CHRONIC-ALCOHOLIC PANCREATITIS; Clinical nutrition/malnutrition; Clinical research, trials; DIABETES; Diabetes and diabetic complications; diabetes control; DIABETES MELLITUS; DIET; Diet, nutrition and health; DIETARY ASSESSMENT; DIETARY GUIDELINES; DIETARY MANAGEMENT; Dietetic studies; Endocrine function and disease; ENTERAL NUTRITION; General surgery, upper GI, colorectal and breast; MALNUTRITION; Medicine; Metabolic syndrome & diabetes; Metabolism and metabolic diseases; Nutrient metabolism, obesity and clinical nutrition; NUTRITION; NUTRITION AND HEALTH; Oesophageal, gastric, intestinal and pancreatic diseases; OSTEOPOROSIS; PANCREAS; PANCREATITIS; Primary care; TYPE 2 DIABETES; TYPE 3c DIABETES; VITAMIN INTAKE; VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTATION


Awards and Honours

Cutherbertson Award December 2016

INDI Researcher of the Year 2013

Honorary Lifetime Member of the Nutrition Interest Group of the PSGBI 2016

Best Scientific Abstract: Irish Osteoporosis Scientific Meeting 2013

Best Clinical Abstract at the Irish Osteoporosis Society Meeting 2013

Best overall poster at the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting 2009

Two outstanding abstracts at ESPEN (top 10% ranking) 2008

Highest scoring Irish Abstract at ESPEN 2008

'Innovation in Dietetics' Bursary for attendance at ASPEN, USA 2007

SHS Clinical Award (Silver Medal) for best undergraduate clinical exam 2002

C&G Award for Best Undergraduate Thesis Presentation 2002


Member of the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland 2005 – Present

Irish Nutrition & Dietetics Institute (INDI) 2012 – Present