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Professor Niall Sheehy
Clinical Associate Professor, Surgery

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Michael Cronin, Peter Wheen, Richard Armstrong, Rajesh Kumar, Alannah McMahon, Max White, Niall Sheehy, Geraldine McMahon, Ross T Murphy, Caroline Daly, CT coronary angiography and COVID-19: inpatient use in acute chest pain service, Open Heart, 8, (1), 2021, pe001548- Journal Article, 2021

Sullivan C, Mulholland D, Chapman L, Sheehy N, Electronic Vetting of Imaging Requests: Increasing Productivity and Patient Safety., Ir Med J, 113, (2), 2020, p28- Journal Article, 2020

Ruth McDonagh MB, MRCPI, Niall Sheehy FRCPI, FRCR, Joseph Harbison MD, FRCPI FESO , Variation in Urgent Imaging Requests for Stroke during the Covid-19 pandemic. Review of a National Dataset, Irish Journal of Medical Science, 2020 Journal Article, 2020

C.O'Rourke, I. Welaratneb, S.Cournanec, L.C. McLoughlin, J.V. Reynolds, C. Johnstone, N. Sheehy, Diagnostic accuracy of SUVmax in predicting malignancy of supraclavicular lymph nodes from primary oesophageal cancer., European Radiology, 125, 2020 Journal Article, 2020

Murphy, AN and Sheehy, NP and Kavanagh, PV, Non-interpretive radiology: an Irish perspective, Clinical radiology, 73, (5), 2018, p494--498 Journal Article, 2018

Sullivan C, Hennigan M, McCrohan M, Sheehy N, O'Keeffe SA, Is isotope bone scan of added benefit to CT thorax/abdomen/pelvis in detecting skeletal metastases in breast cancer staging?, Breast Cancer Research , Breast Society of Breast Radiology ASM, Dublin, Ireland, November 2017, 19 (Suppl 1:116), 2017 Poster, 2017

Ramasubbu, B and Mac Suibhne, E and El-Gammal, A and Sheehy, N and Shields, D, Utilising magnetic resonance imaging as the gold-standard in management of suspected scaphoid fractures in the emergency department setting, Irish medical journal, 2017 Journal Article, 2017

Butt, Z and McCarthy, A and Bambrick, M and Sheehy, N and Beddy, P, ADDED VALUE OF SYSTEMATIC CORE BIOPSIES IN PATIENTS REFERRED FOR TARGETED PROSTATE BIOPSY., IRISH JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE, 186, 2017, ppS468--S468 Conference Paper, 2017

Fanning, Michelle and Donohoe, Claire and Cournane, Sean and Cooke, Jennie and Sheehy, Niall and Ravi, Narayanasamy and Reynolds, John Vincent, Bile acid malabsorption post oesophagectomy and gastrectomy, BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY, 103, 2016, pp13--13 Conference Paper, 2016

Nestorov, Nikola and Hughes, Peter and Healy, Nuala and Sheehy, Niall and OHare, Neil, Application of natural user interface devices for touch-free control of radiological images during surgery, Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), 2016 IEEE 29th International Symposium on, 2016, pp229--234 Conference Paper, 2016

Jones, Stephen; Cournane, Sean; Sheehy, Niall; Hederman, Lucy, A business analytics software tool for monitoring and predicting radiology throughput performance, Journal of digital imaging, 29, (6), 2016, p645--653 Journal Article, 2016

Healy, Nuala and Billington, Karen and Sheehy, Niall, Post traumatic fat embolism in common femoral vein on CT, Irish medical journal, 2015 Journal Article, 2015

Nestorov, Nikola and Healy, N and Sheehy, N and Hughes, NO'Hare P, Comparing the utility and usability of the Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion sensor devices in the context of their application for gesture control of biomedical images, European Society of Radiology, 2015 Journal Article, 2015

Driscoll, Dearbhail O and Halpenny, Darragh and Johnston, Ciaran and Sheehy, Niall and Keogan, Mary, 18F-FDG-PET/CT is of limited value in primary staging of early stage cervical cancer, Abdominal imaging, 40, (1), 2015, p127--133 Journal Article, 2015

O'dowd, Sean and Munteanu, Tudor and Hardiman, Daniel and Sheehy, Niall and Redmond, Janice, THE MAN WHO MISTOOK THE FRIDGE FOR A DOOR: AN ATYPICAL PRESENTATION OF DEMENTIA WITH LEWY BODIES, 2015, - Miscellaneous, 2015

Hughes, Peter and Beddy, Peter and Sheehy, Niall, Open-access ultrasound referrals from general practice., Irish medical journal, 2015 Journal Article, 2015

Beirne, Avril M and Sheehy, Niall and Cunningham, BA and McCarroll, Kevin, The Utility of FDG PET Brain in the Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Conditions, Irish Journal of Medical Science, Neurodegenerative Disorders, 183, 2014, ppS317--S317 Oral Presentation, 2014 DOI

Cournane, Sean; O'Hare, Neil; Quinn, A; Sheehy, N, Queuing theory analysis and simulation of patient throughput in radiology, Physica Medica: European Journal of Medical Physics, 29, (5), 2013, p568 Journal Article, 2013

Walsh C, Johnston C, Sheehy N, O' Reilly G, Comparison of clinical and physics scoring of PET images when image reconstruction parametersare varied., Radiation protection dosimetry, 153, (2), 2013, p170-3 Journal Article, 2013

O'Driscoll, D and Sheehy, N, Preservation of patient confidentiality in the publication of radiology images, Irish Medical Journal, 103, (5), 2013 Journal Article, 2013

Joyce EA, Kavanagh J, Sheehy N, Beddy P, O'Keeffe, SA, Imaging features of extrapulmonary small cell carcinoma, Clinical radiology, 68, (9), 2013, p953--961 Journal Article, 2013

Arrigan M, Smyth L, Harmon M, Flynn C, Sheehy N, Imaging findings in recurrent extramedullary leukaemias., Cancer imaging : the official publication of the International Cancer Imaging Society, 13, 2013, p26-35 Journal Article, 2013

Hawryluk EB, O'Regan KN, Sheehy N, Guo Y, Dorosario A, Sakellis CG, Jacene HA, Wang LC, Positron emission tomography/computed tomography imaging in Merkel cell carcinoma: A study of 270 scans in 97 patients at the Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center., Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 12, 2012 Journal Article, 2012

Fagan, Andrew J and Foley, Daniel and Browne, Jacinta E and Sheane, Barry and O'Driscoll, Dearbhail and Sheehy, Niall and Meaney, James F, Effect on diagnostic image quality of 3D warping registration algorithms for MR angiography in the lower legs, Physica Medica: European Journal of Medical Physics, 28, (4), 2012, p335 Journal Article, 2012

Halpenny, Darragh F and Lyons, Ciara and O'Driscoll, Dearbhail and Sheehy, Niall P, Potential for truncating the scan length of restaging 18F-FDG PET/CT after chemoradiotherapy in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, Nuclear medicine communications, 33, (12), 2012, p1312--1313 Journal Article, 2012

Hawryluk, Elena B and O'Regan, Kevin N and Sheehy, Niall and Guo, Ye and Dorosario, Andrew and Sakellis, Chris and Jacene, Heather A and Wang, Linda C, Positron emission tomography/computed tomography to improve staging and restaging in Merkel cell carcinoma., 2012, - Miscellaneous, 2012

Omer TA, Fitzgerald DE, Sheehy N, Doherty CP, Neurosyphilis presenting with unusual hippocampal abnormalities on magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography scans: a case report., Journal of medical case reports, 6, (1), 2012, p389 Journal Article, 2012 DOI

McCarroll, Kevin and Sweeney, Eileen and Monaghan, Thomas and Coen, Robert and Sheehy, Niall and Cunningham, Conal and Walsh, JB and Lawlor, Brian, FDG-PET Imaging in a Memory Clinic: A Useful Diagnostic Tool?, Irish Journal of Medical Science, Irish Gerontolgical Society, Medical Meeting, 181, 2012, ppS256--S256 Conference Paper, 2012 DOI

Naidoo, J and O'Briain, S and Sheehy, N and Vandenberghe, E and Gilham, C and O'Mahony, D, Thyroid lymphoma presenting as a rapidly expanding neck mass., 29, (15\_suppl), 2011, ppe18558--e18558 Conference Paper, 2011

Naidoo, J and O'Briain, DS and Sheehy, N and Gillham, C and Vandenberghe, E and O'Mahony, D, RAPIDLY EXPANDING NECK MASS: CONSIDER THYROID LYMPHOMA!, ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY, 22, 2011, pp230--230 Conference Paper, 2011

Stansfield EC, Sheehy N, Zurakowski D, Vija AH, Fahey FH, Treves ST, Pediatric 99mTc-MDP bone SPECT with ordered subset expectation maximization iterative reconstruction with isotropic 3D resolution recovery., Radiology, 257, (3), 2010, p793-801 Journal Article, 2010

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Treister, N and Sheehy, N and others, Radiographic Changes in BONJ Increase With Later Stages of Condition, 2009 Journal Article, 2009

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Sheehy, Niall and Zurakowski, David and Tetrault, Tracy and Fahey, Frederic and Treves, S Ted, Substantial dose reduction in pediatric 99mTc-DMSA renal SPECT using 3D ordered-subset expectation-maximization iterative reconstruction (OSEM) techniques with resolution recovery, 49, (supplement 1), 2008, pp138P--138P Conference Paper, 2008

Sheehy, Niall and Treves, S Ted, Lymphoscintigraphy in the pediatric population, 49, (supplement 1), 2008, pp174P--174P Conference Paper, 2008

Stansfield, Eryn Caamano and Sheehy, Niall and Zurakowski, David and Tetrault, Tracy and Fahey, Frederic and Treves, Ted, Improved image quality and dose reduction in 99mTc-MDP bone SPECT using 3D ordered-subset expectation-maximization iterative reconstruction (OSEM) with resolution recovery, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 49, (supplement 1), 2008, p397P--397P Journal Article, 2008

Sheehy N, Kulke MH, Van den Abbeele AD, F-18 FDG PET/CT in the diagnosis and management of a pericardiac paraganglioma., Clinical nuclear medicine, 33, (8), 2008, p545-6 Journal Article, 2008

Raje, Noopur and Woo, Sook-Bin and Hande, Karen and Yap, Jeffrey T and Richardson, Paul G and Vallet, Sonia and Treister, Nathaniel and Hideshima, Teru and Sheehy, Niall and Chhetri, Shweta and others, Clinical, radiographic, and biochemical characterization of multiple myeloma patients with osteonecrosis of the jaw, Clinical Cancer Research, 14, (8), 2008, p2387--2395 Journal Article, 2008

Sheehy, Niall and Treves, S Ted, Lymphoscintigraphy in the pediatric population, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 49, (supplement 1), 2008, p174P--174P Journal Article, 2008

Sheehy N, Israel DA, Findings on (18)FDG-PET imaging in statin-induced rhabdomyolysis., Clinical radiology, 62, (10), 2007, p1012-4 Journal Article, 2007

Johnston, C and Ramaiya, N and Sheehy, N and Khosa, F and Van den Abbeele, A, Radiological Response and Toxicity of the New Targeted Molecular Therapies for Cancer-What the Radiologist Needs to Know, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ROENTGENOLOGY, 188, (5), 2007 Conference Paper, 2007

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Sheehy N, Ford S, McDermott R, Young V, Ryan JM, Ultrasonographically guided percutaneous embolization of a pulmonary pseudoaneurysm., Journal of vascular and interventional radiology : JVIR, 17, (5), 2006, p895-8 Journal Article, 2006

Boyle GE, Ahern M, Cooke J, Sheehy NP, Meaney JF, An interactive taxonomy of MR imaging sequences., Radiographics : a review publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc, 26, (6), 2006, pe24; quiz e24 Journal Article, 2006

Sheehy N, MacNally S, Smith CS, Boyle G, Madhavan P, Meaney JF, Contrast-enhanced MR angiography of subclavian steal syndrome: value of the 2D time-of-flight "localizer" sign., AJR. American journal of roentgenology, 185, (4), 2005, p1069-73 Journal Article, 2005

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Ruttledge, MH and Sheehy, N and Keogan, M and Murphy, G and Moroney, J, Role of IgM immune complex deposition in antiphospholipid antibody-negative Sneddons syndrome, NEUROLOGY, 58, (7), 2002, ppA180--A181 Conference Paper, 2002

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Roisin Heaney, Marie Bambrick, Caoilfhionn Ní Leidhin, Niall Sheehy, Prostate cancer recurrence: One year experience with Gallium-68 PSMA PET/CT in Ireland, ECR 2020, Vienna, 2020 Poster, 2020

David Brennan, Paddy Gilligan, Shane Foley, Gabrielle Colleran, Niall Sheehy, John Feeney, Owen O'Connor, Early implementation phase of new BSS-based regulations (EU 13/59) in Ireland: structures, systems and self-assessment., ECR 2020, Vienna, 2020 Poster, 2020

Stephen Murphy, Janet Wynne, Rose Lindsay, Niall Sheehy, Brendan McCoubrey, Owen O'Connor, Shane Foley, Thomas Heary, Paddy Gilligan, Dose Management and Clinically Indicated Dose reference level activities in Ireland; is the pen mightier than the database?, ECR 2019, Vienna, 2019 Poster, 2019

SP Doran, RM Heaney, CJ Sullivan, C Doherty, N Sheehy, JF Meaney, MRI in anoxic brain injury complicating cardiac arrest: A 9-year, single centre, retrospective review, ECR 2019, Vienna, 2019 Poster, 2019

Caoilfhionn Ní Leidhin, Marie Bambrick, Roisin Heaney, Narayanasamy Ravi, Niall Sheehy, 18F-FDG PET/CT in patients with superficial oesophageal and gastric cancer being treated by endoscopic mucosal resection, ECR 2019, Vienna, 2019 Poster, 2019

SP Doran, L Sweeney, E Canniff, N Sheehy, JF Meaney, Imaging features of basal ganglia and thalamus involvement in diffuse anoxic brain injury: A 9 year, single centre, retrospective review, ECR 2019, Vienna, 2019 Oral Presentation, 2019

MP Broe, LC Yap, RM Healy, R Khalid, A Sharfi, RP Manecksha, N Sheehy, TH Lynch, Gallium68 PSMA PET imaging impacts decision making for the management of patients with prostate cancer: results from a prospective study, European Urology Supplements, 18, (5), 2019, p2547- Journal Article, 2019

Kavanagh, Peter and Laffoy, Marie and Sheehy, Niall and Turner, Michael and Folan, Arleen and Crowley, Vivion, National Ovarian Cancer pathway initiative in collaboration with National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP), Obstetrics/Gynaecology group (Obs/Gynae) and General Practice (GP) group, International Journal of Integrated Care, 17, (5), 2017 Journal Article, 2017

PET Imaging in lung cancer in, editor(s)Donohoe K, Van Den Abbeele A , Teaching Atlas of Nuclear Medicine (3rd Edition) , 2013, [Niall Sheehy] Book Chapter, 2013

Sheehy, Niall and Fennessy, Fiona and Van den Abbeele, Annick D, The Utility of 18F-FDG-PET in the Diagnosis and Management of Colorectal Carcinoma, 18, (2), 2007, p96--106 Journal Article, 2007

Delanty N, Vaughan CJ, Sheehy N, Statins and neuroprotection., Expert opinion on investigational drugs, 10, (10), 2001, p1847-53 Journal Article, 2001

Research Expertise





Dean, Faculty of Radiology, RCSI 2018

Clinical lead HSE Radiology Program 2011-2016

Lead radiologist HSE NIMIS Program 2008-2011

Chairman BreastCheck Implementation group on Management of interval cancers 2021 -

Member of NIMIS project board 2021-

Member of HSE national Consultants Appointment Advisory Committee 2021 -

Awards and Honours

Catholic University Scholarship 1993

Upjohn Pharmacology Project Prize (UCD) 1994

The McGrath Medal in Pathology 1996

St. Vincent's Hospital Students Prize in anaesthetics 1996

St. Vincent's Hospital Scholarship 1996

The Dargan Prize in Medicine 1996

The Tobin Prize in Surgery 1996

The Coleman-Saunders Medal in Paediatrics 1996

The O'Driscoll Prize in Obstetrics 1996

The Bellingham Gold Medal in Medicine 1997

The John F. Cunningham Medal in Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1997

Cum Laude award at Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2004

Dean Emeritus Faculty of Radiology, RCSI 2020


Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2012

Fellow of the Faculty of Radiology RCSI 2006

Radiological Society of North America 2002

European Society of Radiology – 2004

Royal College of Radiologists 2018