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Professor John Nolan
Adjunct Professor, Clinical Medicine
Associate Prof in Endocrinology, Biochemistry

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

María Isabel Hernández, Hood Thabit, Nicole Burns, Syed Shah, Imad Brema, Mensud Hatunic, Francis Finucane, , Marc Liesa, Chiara Chiellini, Deborah Naon, Antonio Zorzano and John J. Nolan, Subjects with early-onset type 2 diabetes show defective activation of the skeletal muscle PGC-1 Ñ/mitofusin-2 regulatory pathway in response to physical activity, Diabetes Care, 33, (3), 2010, p645 - 651 Journal Article, 2010

Kozàkovà M, Palombo C, Morizzo C, Nolan JJ, Balkau B and the RISC investigators, Effect of sedentary behavior and vigorous physical activity on segment-specific carotid wall thickness and its progression in a healthy population., European Heart Journal, 2010 Journal Article, 2010

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Stone MA, Wilkinson JC, Charpentier G, Clochard N, Lindblad U, Müller UA, Nolan J, Rutten GE, Trento M, Khunti K, Evaluation and comparison of guidelines for the management of people with type 2 diabetes from eight European countries, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 87, (2), 2010, p252 - 260 Journal Article, 2010

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Hatunic M, Stapleton M, Hand E, De Long C, Crowley VE, Nolan JJ, The Leu262Val polymorphism of presenilin associated rhomboid like protein (PARL) is associated with earlier onset of type 2 diabetes and increased urinary microalbumin creatinine ratio in an Irish case-control population, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 83, (3), 2009, p316 - 319 Journal Article, 2009

Susanne R. de Rooij, PhD1, Giel Nijpels, MD, PhD1, Peter M. Nilsson, MD, PhD2, John J. Nolan, MD3, Rafael Gabriel, MD, PhD4, Elisabetta Bobbioni-Harsch, PhD5, Geltrude Mingrone, MD, PhD6, Jacqueline M. Dekker, PhD1, and the RISC Investigators. , Low grade chronic inflammation in the RISC population:, Diabetes Care, 32, (7), 2009, p1295 - 1301 Journal Article, 2009

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Nolan JJ, Free fatty acids in the physiological range are protein-sparing, Acta Physiologica, 192, 2008, p337 - 337 Journal Article, 2008

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

JJ Nolan, Current Perspectives in Paediatric Type 2 Diabetes, International Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes, Singapore, November 2004, edited by Merck Sante , 2004, pp1 - 8 Conference Paper, 2004

Research Expertise


Clinical research, trials; Computerised clinical systems; Diabetes and diabetic complications; Exercise physiology; Genetic/Molecular epidemiology; Genomic structure and function, molecular approaches to gene function; Intra and intercellular signalling; Metabolism and metabolic diseases; Nutrient metabolism, obesity and clinical nutrition; Nutrition; Obesity


Awards and Honours

State of the Art Lecture, EASD meeting, Stockholm 1995

State of the Art Lecture, Swedish Diabetes Association 1996

Keynote Speaker, Karolinska Institute Symposium on Type 2 Diabetes 2000

Nordisk Lecture of the Irish Endocrine Society 2003


Irish Endocrine Society 1996 – present

European Society for Clinical Investigation 1999 – present

The Endocrine Society 1991 – present

European Association for Study of Diabetes 1991 – present

American Diabetes Association 1991 – present