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Dr. Richard Flavin
Clinical Associate Professor, Histopathology

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Ffrench B, Kashdan E, Huang Y, Spillane CD, Cocchiglia S, Charmsaz S, Varešlija D, O'Brien C, Scholz D, Martin C, Gallagher M, Brooks DA, Brooks RD, Selemidis S, Gleeson N, AbuSaadeh F, O'Riain C, Kamran W, Flavin R, Young L, O'Toole SA, O'Leary JJ., CTC-5: A novel digital pathology approach to characterise circulating tumour cell biodiversity., Heliyon, 9, (1), 2023, pe13044 Journal Article, 2023 DOI

Ta R, Yang D, Hirt C, Drago T, Flavin R., Molecular Diagnostic Review of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma and Its Tumor Microenvironment., Diagnostics (Basel), 12, (5), 2022, p1087 Journal Article, 2022 DOI

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Nolan J, Murphy C, Dinneen K, Lee G, Higgins E, Bacon L, O'Brien D, Flavin R, Quinn F, Vandenberghe E., p53 immunohistochemistry must be confirmed by TP53 next generation sequencing for accurate risk stratification of patients with mantle cell lymphoma., Leukemia & lymphoma, 63, (14), 2022, p3504-3507 Journal Article, 2022 DOI

Healey Bird B, Nally K, Ronan K, Clarke G, Amu S, Almeida AS, Flavin R, Finn S., Cancer Immunotherapy with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors-Biomarkers of Response and Toxicity; Current Limitations and Future Promise. , Diagnostics (Basel), 12, (1), 2022, p124 Journal Article, 2022 DOI

Mohmmed Awadh, John O'Mahony, Ciara Ryan, Fiona Quinn, Larry Bacon, Narayanasamy Ravi, Richard Flavin, Epstein Barr virus positive mucocutaneous ulcer: A unique case occurring in association with cholelithiasis in a gallbladder, JGH Open, 2021, p149-150 Journal Article, 2021 TARA - Full Text URL

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Galera P, Flavin R, Savage NM, Saksena A, Gong S, Wang HY, Swan N, Xi L, Raffeld M, Pittaluga S, Jaffe ES., Epstein-Barr Virus-negative Marginal Zone Lymphoma as an Uncommon Form of Monomorphic Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder., The American journal of surgical pathology, 2020 Journal Article, 2020 DOI

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O'Sullivan, L., Galvin, S., Flavin, R., Fadalla, K., Healy, C.M., Feeney, E., Twelve months of oral ulceration, weight loss and unexplained fevers: a clinicopathologic conference, Oral Surgery, 2019, p163 - 170 Journal Article, 2019 DOI

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Arts FA, Keogh L, Smyth P, O'Toole S, Ta R, Gleeson N, O'Leary JJ, Flavin R, Sheils O, miR-223 potentially targets SWI/SNF complex protein SMARCD1 in atypical proliferative serous tumor and high-grade ovarian serous carcinoma., Human pathology, 70, 2017, p98 - 104 Journal Article, 2017 DOI

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