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Dr. Peter Daly
Associate Professor in Oncology, Clinical Medicine

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Daly, Peter, Prediction of BRCA 1 status in patients with breast cancer using estrogen receptor and basal phenotype, Clinical Cancer Research, 11, (14), 2005, p5175 - 5180 Journal Article, 2005

Lakhani S, Reis-Filho JS, Fulford L, Penault-Llorce F, van der Vijver M, Parry S, Bishop T, Benitez J, Rivas C, Bignon J, Chang-Claude J, Hamann U, Cornelisse CJ, Devilee P. Beckmann MW, Nestle Drumling C, Daly PA, Haites N, Varley J, Lalloo F, Evans G, Maugard C, Meijers-Heijboer H, Klijn JG, Olah E, Gusterson BA, Pilotti S, Radice P, Scherneck S, Sobol H, Jacquemier J, Wagner T, Peto J, Stratton MR, McGuffog L, Easton DR, Breast Cancer Linkage Consortium, Genetic counselling in breast and colorectal cancer, annals of oncology, 16, (supplement 8), 2005, p163 - 169 Journal Article, 2005

O. Howe, C. Seymour, W. Ormiston, C. Nolan, C. Mothersill, Elevated G2 chromosomal radio sensitivity in Irish breast cancer patients: a comparison with other studies, International Journal of Radiation Biology, 81, (5), 2005, p373 - 378 Journal Article, 2005



Invitee, Breast Cancer Consortium (Proposed), Investigators to be invited to participate in Breast Cancer workshop with a view to establishing formal consortium and informal individual collaborations.Last updated : 19 November 2004. Extract from DMMC Research Database