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Dr. Paul Leo Crotty
Clinical Senior Lecturer, Histopathology

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Rogers A, Smith MJ, Doolan P, Clarke C, Clynes M, Murphy JF, McDermott A, Swan N, Crotty P, Ridgway PF, Conlon KC., Invasive markers identified by gene expression profiling in pancreatic cancer., Pancreatology. , 12, (2), 2012, p130 - 140 Journal Article, 2012

Beggs RE, Kelly ME, Eltayeb O, Crotty P, McDermott R, Ridgway PF., Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the ampulla of Vater. , JOP. , 13, (5), 2012 Journal Article, 2012

Qasim A, Ullah N, Crotty P, Swan N, Breslin N, Ryan B, Torreggiani W, Eguare E, Neary P, O'Connor H, O'Morain C, A changing trend in the management of patients with newly diagnosed Crohn's disease, Ir J Med Sci. , 180, (3), 2011, p643 - 647 Journal Article, 2011

Ellanti P, Connolly SS, McDermott R, Crotty PL, Grainger R., Malignant priapism: a case report. , Ir J Med Sci. , 180, (4), 2011, p921 - 922 Journal Article, 2011

Joyce MR, Eguare E, Kiernan F, Swan N, Crotty P, Neary P, Keane FB., Complex rectal polyps: other treatment modalities required when offering a transanal endoscopic microsurgery service., Int J Colorectal Dis., 26, (9), 2011, p1177 - 1182 Journal Article, 2011

Teo M, Crotty P, O'Sullivan M, French CA, Walshe JM, NUT Midline Carcinoma in a young woman., J Clin Oncol , 29, (12), 2011, p336 - 339 Journal Article, 2011