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Dr. Ian Murphy
Clinical Senior Lecturer, Surgery

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Abdelaal Ahmed Mahmoud M. Alkhatip, A., Donnelly, M., Snyman, L., Conroy, P., Hamza, M.K., Murphy, I., Purcell, A., McGuire, D., YEARS Algorithm Versus Wells' Score: Predictive Accuracies in Pulmonary Embolism Based on the Gold Standard CT Pulmonary Angiography", Critical Care Medicine, 2020, p704-708 Journal Article, 2020

Abdelaal Ahmed Mahmoud M Alkhatip, A., Conroy, P., Hamza, M.K., Murphy, I., Purcell, A., McGuire, D., The authors reply, Critical Care Medicine, 48, (8), 2020, pE731-E732 Journal Article, 2020

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Koktzoglou, I., Giri, S., Piccini, D., Grodzki, D.M., Flanagan, O., Murphy, I.G., Gupta, N., Collins, J.D., Edelman, R.R., Arterial spin labeled carotid MR angiography: A phantom study examining the impact of technical and hemodynamic factors, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 75, (1), 2016, p295-301 Journal Article, 2016

Nimhurchu, E., O'Kelly, F., Murphy, I.G., Lavelle, L.P., Collins, C.D., Lennon, G., Galvin, D., Mulvin, D., Quinlan, D., McMahon, C.J., Predictive value of PI-RADS classification in MRI-directed transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy, Clinical Radiology, 71, (4), 2016, p375-380 Journal Article, 2016

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Research Expertise


I have had a varied research career, including: Scientific laboratory based research, in UCD 2008-2009 Conway Institute examining novel preotomic biomarkers in malignant melanoma Translational research especially MRI from Northwestern University in Chicago, looking at different non-contrast angiographic techniques including phase contrast and quiescent single-shot. Clinical research, including reviews, comparative studies and currently involved in a multicentre study looking at MR enterography in Crohns Disease. As my career has progressed I have become more involved in supervisory roles in the research process, as well as lead/co-author.


DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING; HEPATIC-FUNCTION; IMAGING TECHNIQUE; Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); Medical/Diagnostic Imaging; MRI; Radiology, tomography and medical imaging; SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH



National Training Coordinator, Faculty of Radiologists 2017-2019

Local Training Coordinator, liaison to Faulty, Tallaght University Hospital 2019-present

Faculty delegate to NDTP working group on the less than full time training initiative

Awards and Honours

Best Poster, British College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist 10/5/2016

Beaumont Hospital Presentation Prize 30/6/2008

Tobin Undergraduate Award for Surgery 10/6/2003

St Vincent's Hospital Surgical Presentation Prize 30/6/2006


Fellow of the Faculty of Radiologists 10 Dec 2013 – present

Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons 2008 – Present

European Society of Radiology 2015 – Present

American Roentgen Ray Society 2012 – Present