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Dr. Barbara Loftus
Clinical Senior Lecturer, Histopathology

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

ÓMaoiléidigh DS, Wuest SE, Rae L, Raganelli A, Ryan PT, Kwasniewska K, Das P, Lohan AJ, Loftus B, Graciet E, Wellmer F, Control of reproductive floral organ identity specification in Arabidopsis by the C function regulator AGAMOUS., The Plant cell, 25, (7), 2013, p2482-503 Journal Article, 2013 TARA - Full Text DOI

Foley R, Marignol L, Thomas AZ, Cullen IM, Perry AS, Tewari P, O'Grady A, Kay E, Dunne B, Loftus B, Watson WR, Fitzpatrick JM, Woodson K, Lehman T, Hollywood D, Lynch TH, Lawler M, The HIF-1alpha C1772T polymorphism may be associated with susceptibility to clinically localised prostate cancer but not with elevated expression of hypoxic biomarkers., Cancer biology & therapy, 8, (2), 2009, p118-24 Journal Article, 2009 TARA - Full Text

Murphy AJ, Hughes CA, Lannigan G, Sheils O, O'Leary J, Loftus B, Heterogeneous expression of alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase in prostatic cancer correlates with Gleason score, Histopathology, 50, (2), 2007, p243 - 251 Journal Article, 2007

Hughes C, Murphy A, Martin C, Fox E, Ring M, Sheils O, Loftus B, O'Leary J, Topoisomerase II-alpha expression increases with increasing Gleason score and with hormone insensitivity in prostate carcinoma, J Clin Pathol., 59, (7), 2006, p721 - 724 Journal Article, 2006

Toomey DP, Cahill RA, Birido N, Jeffers M, Loftus B, McInerney D, Rothwell J, Geraghty JG, Rapid assessment breast clinics--evolution through audit, Eur J Cancer, 42, (17), 2006, p2961 - 2967 Journal Article, 2006

Murphy AJ, O'Neill P, O'Brien F, Enright H, Jeffers M, Thornhill JA, Loftus BM, Anaplastic large cell lymphoma: a unique presentation with urinary bladder involvement: a case report, Int J Surg Pathol., 13, (4), 2005, p369 - 373 Journal Article, 2005