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Dr. Catherine Elliott O'Dare
Assistant Professor, Social Studies


Dr Catherine Elliott O'Dare is Assistant Professor in Social Policy at the School of Social Work and Social Policy. Catherine earned her doctorate at Trinity College Dublin, awarded in 2019. As a social scientist, Catherine's research interests include intergenerational solidarity, friendship, the social aspects of ageing - work, society and ageism (with an overarching emphasis on equality and social inclusion) and qualitative research methods. Catherine's recent research on intergenerational friendship and ageism have generated high impact publications including lead-authored articles in Canadian Journal on Aging/La Revue Canadienne du vieillissement, Journal of Aging Studies, Ageing and Society, Social Inclusion and two co-authored methodological papers published in Qualitative Health Research, and International Journal of Qualitative Methods. Catherine's current research focus is on older workers. In addition to publications, Catherine has participated in international conferences [including in Finland, Germany, UK, and Norway] and nationally. Catherine has also engaged with enterprise and interest organisations on the topics of ageism and intergenerational relations in the work place and society.

Prospective students interested in pursuing a PhD in the areas of intergenerational relations, friendship, social aspects of ageing/ageism, are invited to contact Catherine by email at

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Collins, M.L and Elliott ODare, C. , Low Paid Older Workers: a quantitative and qualitative profile of low pay among workers aged over 50, UCD Geary Institute/ Low Pay Commission , November , 2022, p1 - 70, 1-70 Report, 2022

Stapleton T, Elliott O'Dare C., Use of the UAB Life Space Assessment to address community participation among older adults , World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) Congress 2022, Paris, 28-31 August 2022, 2022 Oral Presentation, 2022 URL

Foley, G., Timonen, V, Conlon, C & Elliott O'Dare, C, Interviewing as a vehicle for theoretical sampling in grounded theory studies, International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 20, 2021, p1 - 10 Journal Article, 2021

Intergenerational Friendship: Navigating transitions in later life as an intergenerational 'older' friend in, editor(s)Andresen, S, Oswald, F, Schmidt-Hertha, B , Reflexive Übergangs¬forschung: Übergänge in der Lebensspanne. Opladen, Opladen, Germany, Barbara Budrich, 2021, [Catherine Elliott O'Dare] Book Chapter, 2021

Korkiamäki, R. & Elliott O'Dare, C., Intergenerational Friendship as a Conduit for Social Inclusion? Insights from the "Book‐Ends", Social Inclusion , 9, (4), 2021, p304 - 314 Journal Article, 2021 URL

Conlon C, Timonen V, Elliott O'Dare C, O'Keeffe S, Foley G, Confused about theoretical sampling? Engaging theoretical sampling in diverse grounded theory studies, Qualitative Health Research, 30, (6), 2020, p947 - 959 Journal Article, 2020

Elliott O'Dare, C, Timonen, V, and Conlon, C., Doing' intergenerational friendship: challenging the dominance of age homophily in friendship, Canadian Journal on Aging/La Revue canadienne du vieillissement , 40, (1), 2020, p68 - 81 Journal Article, 2020

Elliott O'Dare, C., Timonen, V., & Conlon, C. , Intergenerational friendships of older adults: Why do we know so little about them?, Ageing and Society, 39, (1), 2019, p1 - 16 Journal Article, 2019

Elliott O'Dare, C., Timonen, V. and Conlon, C., Escaping "the old fogey": Doing old age through intergenerational friendship, Journal of Aging Studies, 2019 Journal Article, 2019 URL

Elliott O'Dare, C. , It Was Obvious We Were Friends, Because We Were Friends in Action: , Age and Ageing, (46), 2017, piii1-iii12 Journal Article, 2017 DOI

O'Dare, C. , Words Open Windows: Older Women's Experiences of Adult Literacy Services, Irish Journal of Medical Science , (183 (Supplement 7)), 2014, pS305 Journal Article, 2014

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Catherine Elliott O'Dare, Ageism and intergenerational Relationships in the Workplace and Society, Institute of Bankers Event, Online, 6 September , 2022, Institute of Bankers Invited Talk, 2022


Awards and Honours

Dr John Fleetwood Medal, Irish Gerontological Society 2014


British Society of Gerontology 2010 – 2022

Professional Womens Network 2021 – 2022