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Dr Lina Zgaga


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Tel: +353 1 896 4180

Director of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate)

Roles and Responsibilities

The Director of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate) will have delegated responsibility for the development of postgraduate activities in the School. This position incorporates many of the functions of the former Heads of Department in respect of graduate students and other functions delegated by the Dean of Graduate Studies. 

The responsibilities of the Director of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate) will include 

At College Level the Director will:-

  • Represent the School on the Graduate Studies Committee.
  • Liaise with the Dean’s office on student cases and requests from supervisors.
  • Liaise with the Centre for Academic Practice and Student Learning (CAPSL) and the Dean of Graduate Studies to ensure best practice in teaching and learning at postgraduate level. 
  • Prepare and assist with the submission of the annual Quality report to the Dean of Health Sciences’ Office.

In addition, the Director will on request,

  • Provide information on graduate studies in the School to the Faculty.
  • Liaise with the Global Relations to promote the School’s postgraduate activities internationally.
  • Represent the Faculty on the Postgraduate Financial assistance committee.

At School Level the Director will:-

  • Be an active member of the School Management team and provide the Head of School and team regular briefings.
  • Be a member of the School Executive and update the executive regularly.
  • Attend School meetings and provide a report to the School at regular intervals.
  • Chair the School's Postgraduate Teaching and Learning Committee, whose membership may include postgraduate course directors, research supervisors, and other co-opted members. This committee will assist the Director in ensuring the quality of graduate programmes throughout the school.
  • Ensure that the School’s postgraduate office is operationally efficient.

In relation to Taught postgraduate courses, the Director will:-

  • Be available to staff and students to advise on all aspects of postgraduate taught studies,
  • Maintain an overview of the School's postgraduate programme and its place in the academic strategy of the School. 
  • Oversee all aspects of the School's postgraduate programmes, including postgraduate certificate, diploma, MSc courses, and integrated PhD courses.
  • Oversee the local administration of admissions.
  • Review the external examiners' reports for postgraduate taught courses on an annual basis and oversee implementation of recommendations.
  • Review and then forward nominations for external examiners to the Dean of Graduate Studies. 
  • Attend Courts of Examiners’ for taught courses and when appropriate attend course committee meetings.
  • Develop and propose new postgraduate courses.
  • Recommend closure and suspension of postgraduate courses.
  • Convene and Chair the Court of First Appeal for student cases. 
  • Advise the Dean of Graduate Studies regarding applications for fee waivers and regarding special cases. 
  • Advise on marketing of courses in consultation with Head of School, Course Directors in the School, and Dean of Graduate Studies, Global Relations and the Faculty office. 

In relation to Research students, the Director will

  • Make recommendations to the Dean of Graduate Studies regarding the admission of research students. 
  • Co-ordinating with heads of discipline and maintaining an overview of the assignment of supervisors, co-supervisors, and assistant supervisors to prospective students. 
  • Oversee the continuation and transfer process according to the College's regulations and considering discipline-specific aspects.
  • Make the final recommendation for transfer/confirmation and ensuring full feedback to the student. 
  • Update the Research Handbook and make available to all research student
  • Coordinate the nomination internal and external examiners to the Dean of Graduate Studies. 
  • Make recommendations to Faculty Deans regarding postgraduate awards, as appropriate. 
  • Maintain records of external examiner appointments in the School to ensure multiple use of the same extern does not occur. 
  • Make the necessary arrangements for viva voce examinations. 
  • Chair viva or appoint chairs
  • Review external examiners' reports (forwarded by the Dean of Graduate Studies) and distributing copies of the reports within the School. 
  • Making provision for module for PhD students as required. 


The Director of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate) will be nominated for appointment by, and will report to, the Head of School and the School Executive. The term of appointment will normally be two years, renewable for a further two, and commencing on the day following the end of Trinity Term of the relevant year or on another date is circumstances dictate. The Director will be a full-time member of the academic staff of the School and will be appointed from among those on the Associate Professor grade 3 or above. Nomination for this appointment should be submitted to Council and Board for approval in the normal way. The Director will be an ex-officio member of the School Executive.