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Kathleen Bennett, Associate ProfessorKathleen Bennett, Associate Professor

Research Summary

Kathleen Bennett’s works in the area of pharmacoepidemiology within the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics. Pharmacoepidemiology examines the use and effects of medicines in large populations.
In the field of cancer, pharmacoepidemiology examines the effects of medications on cancer risk, disease prevention, and response to treatments, as well as any adverse and/or long-term effects of chemotherapeutic and other pharmacologic agents used to treat cancer. Studies in this area examine, at population level, the hypotheses generated in other studies about the effects of medication on cancer. The hypothesis-generating studies include laboratory-based studies which report certain drugs prevent the growth of tumour cells and other observational studies which may suggest a reduced risk of cancer associated with exposure to a particular medication. This type of research has enormous potential as these common prescribed treatments have normally been tried and tested in large populations over many years so their safety profile is well known.
As well as this the group is involved in drug utilisation studies, population health and health services research as well as pharmacoeconomics.
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