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Dr Juliette HusseyDr Juliette Hussey

Research Summary

The broad area of exercise in the management and prevention of disease has been the focus of my research. The ultimate aim of this work is translational focused on improving scientific exercise prescription to optimise therapeutic responses to exercise interventions in chronic disease and particularly cancer. While there is strong evidence at an epidemiological level for the benefit of exercise in the prevention and treatment of disease, much remains to be discovered regarding dose response and exercise prescription in clinical populations. With an increase in the incidence of obesity and chronic disease there is considerable need for research into optimising therapeutic responses through exercise.

Investigations performed by my postgraduate students span from the investigation of exercise/activity on biomarkers through to research at a systems/performance level. In addition, the validation of methods to measure physical activity has been an area of ongoing investigation and important in informing a number of the methodologies used in  cross sectional and intervention studies currently being performed by postgraduates in the Discipline.

 The current activities in this research programme include: the  examination of insulin resistance, lipids and inflammatory markers and the relationship with fitness and activity in breast cancer survivors, modifiable risk factors in unaffected BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 gene carriers, the effects of an eight week exercise intervention on physical performance measures in patients after chemotherapy, and the effect of exercise interventions preoperatively for those with oesophageal cancer. Recently we established that patients with oesphageal cancer who are more physically active have less occurrence of post operative complications.

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