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Dr Adriele Prina-MelloDr Adriele Prina-Mello

Usser Assistant Professor in Translational Nanomedicine

Research Summary

Dr Adriele Prina-Mello’s group research interests are focused on the translation of nanotechnology-tools, nanomaterials, their multifunctional solutions, devices and instrumentation applications into the medical research area as Nanomedicine tools for next generation medical practise.

The key Nanomedicine areas of interest where we have developed expertise are:

  • Nanodiagnostics: Advanced in vitro/ in vivo diagnostic and imaging devices and instrumentations.

The expertises span from microfluidics biochip design for Lab-on-a-chip solution to fluorescently tag nanowires for multiplexed diagnostic assay development.

The reseach activity in this field has been possible by the extensive European engagement with the European Commission, Small and Medium Enterprises and Multinational industry. Furthermore, our presence within several European initiatives and technology platforms in diagnostics and imaging has secured Trinity College position within the future roadmapping

  • Theranostics and Personalised Medicine: Therapeutics based on nanotechnology and multilayered structures for localised and personalised medicine.

The expertises have been developed as part of a long standing interdisciplinary collaborative work where we have developed assessment models and devices for the investigation of the complex dyanmic interaction between nano-developed-products and biologically relevant models.

  • Regenerative Medicine: Biomedical devices and Tissue engineering applications of nanotechnology and nanomaterials.

The expertises are mainly developed within the Regenerative medicine areas and span from bioreactors for mechanobiology and tissue differentiation, to microelectrode arrays for neurophysiological applications.

  • Nancharacterization and Safety: Safe-by-design, Responsible development and Regulatory compliance.

The expertises have been developed in a European framework aimed to developed responsible nanotechnology in a fully characterised approach in adherance with the relevant regulatory authorities (nano-regulatory). We have developed expertise in Nanotoxicology, Nanobiocompatibility, Nanobiotechnology, and Nansafety.
TEACHING experience: As part of Trinity College and Institute of Molecular Medicine expanding teaching curriculum and opening to future professional opportunties, Nanomedicine has been introduced as emerging discipline and training path for the future clinical profession practice. Due to the very multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise, Nanomedicine is now lectured within the School of Medicine, School of Engineering and Pharmacy. Within these I have been developing  and coordinating modules, lectures and laboratory experiences.

RESEARCH experience: In the past five years, I have been active on the several fronts of the research community by promoting good practise and ethical research, organising forums, workshops and events where sharing knowledge, expertise and opportunities (among many the World Molecular Imaging Congress, the Healthcare sessions at the EuroNanoForum 2013, Winter School in Bioimaging, Curriculum training opportunities and many other events).
In the past five years, I have been also successful in securing several Framework Seventh projects which have brought prestige, internationalisation and non-exchequer opportunities to the School of Medicine and Trinity College Dublin. Among many: NAMDIATREAM, MULTIFUN, NANOREG, and CAN projects.

Finally, on the dissemination front, we have been active in disseminating the results and outcomes of our research activities by peer-reviewed scientific publications, book chapters, white papers, patents and invited talks and posters to conferences. Exploitation has been done by developing and transfer knowledge and intellectual properties to our industrially involved partners.

Professional engagement in Europe:
We are actively working and present in several organisations and initiatives aimed to contribute to the future in Translational medicine, Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology.

  • Member of the European Technology for Nanomedicine
  • Member of the Targeted nano-pharmaceuticals and early diagnostics cluster
  • Member of the Nanosafety cluster
  • Member of the Nanofuture initiatives
  • Member of the European Society of Molecular Imaging
  • Member of the Bionanonet initiative
  • Member of the European Nanomedicine Foundation for Clinical Medicine

For further information about Dr Adriele Prina-Mello please view his CV Profile

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